Problems That People With "Resting Nice Face" Can Relate To

People with “resting nice face” don't get a lot of credit. Many think we're just born to be friendly. Sure we may have an "approachable" face, but we'd like to be left alone sometimes. Here are some problems that people with “resting nice face” can relate to.

You get asked for directions ALL the time.I usually get asked for directions the average of two to four times a week. Especially when it's admission season, it couldn't be more. One time during my freshman year, I toured a girl around school. It wasn't a big deal since I had an hour before my class, but sometimes I want to walk to my dorm in peace without anyone interrupting me.

People that think they can get what they want with you because you're "nice."Whether it's homework answers, donations for *insert a cause here*, or gaining a friendship back, you're not going to get it. There was a person who I was close to who didn't talk to me for a whole year who wanted my friendship back. We caught up then I realized that he was extremely toxic because he's blocked me on Facebook and other social media.

You attract some weird strangers​.You gotta admit, there are some strange people in this world.

You're not taken seriously.People will think we're all fun and games. We're not.

People think you work at the store you’re shopping in.One time, I got asked at Walgreens if I worked there. Do you see a nametag on my shirt? Didn’t think so. We like to help but sometimes we just want to do what we want alone.

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