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Every month, our photographers have a photography challenge to complete. For the month of February, our photographers here at Her Campus Cal Lutheran had to go out and take a picture of what ‘Pretty in Pink’ meant to them. Check out all these wonderful pictures below!

Victoria Lahney

“Her Campus at Cal Lutheran is a proud Pink level chapter! This artwork was created by myself inspired by all Her Campus has accomplished to become a Pink Level chapter. It was taken in front of our Her Campus wall which showcases some of our HC team members who wear pink and purple with pride.”Amy Harger

“and on this night and in this light, I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you” -The 1975Jessica Garibay

“Strawberry Açai~Butterfly” Heather Hooker

“Flume Skin on rotation”

Leslie Madrigal

“Concerts are the best”Keely Krasomil

“Valentine’s Day is lovely and beautiful, just like Patrick Star! Leedle leedle leedle lee!”Taylor Netter

“This was probably the best popsicle I’ve ever had!”Johanna Rose-Kamprath

“Valentine’s Day festivities in a first grade classroom.”Sarina Soto

“You can never go wrong with a little pink…a lot works too.” -Dana DalgettySara Berg

“Positively Pink”Briana Cue

“Trendy tea rooms with great boba make for a nice little escape from all of the upcoming midterms.”Kaitlyn Sloniker

“The color pink makes everything looks pretty, but especially the sky… “Amanda DeNichilo

“A field of flowers.”Eliza Weber

“Offset.”Ellie Wang

“Pretty flowers and HCXO bow–all in pink.”Nelleke Meerman

“Pink to me always makes me think of spring. I love this picture because it reminds me that spring is coming and it makes me happy because spring is my favorite season and flowers are my favorite things!”Kaitlyn Hofmeister

“Books have always been a passion of mine. It is so gratifying to be transported to a different world found within the book.”Alyssa Ann Daoang

“Every girl needs a little pink in their life, including Bella!”HCXO,

Her Campus Photography Team

*All photos provided by the Her Campus Cal Lutheran Photography Team*

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Taylor Netter

Cal Lutheran

I am the Photography Director for Her Campus Cal Lutheran. I am currently a senior studying Education in hopes of becoming an elementary school teacher.
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