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Moving into 2021 it felt good to leave 2020 behind. A difficult, unbelievable year that left all of us as very different people to who we were when it started. I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt like they were sighing with relief as they watched the clock tick down to reach midnight on New Year’s Eve. It felt like we were all turning over a new leaf and manifesting a good year together after living through the bad. Although 2021 hasn’t been *great* to say the least with what has been in the news recently, there is still a lot of hope and good to look forward to. This is what I constantly keep reminding myself. 

My motto for pandemic life has been “one step closer.” Every day, every week, every month that passes by gets us one step closer to returning back to our new normal. We all miss the life we had a year ago today, but soon that will all change and we must believe it. Now we are in a new year with vaccinations on the horizon to control the pandemic and a new president entering the office which will change a lot in our country whether you support it or not. Now is a good time to practice what you preach. So, my question to you is what have you been saying to others and yourself over quarantine but failed to do? 

  • Have you been telling others how important it is to do a daily walk and incorporate some exercise into your weekly life, but you have failed to move from your bed? 
  • Have you been saying to your best friend that they should make the most of living at home with family before moving out, but you have been sulking at listening to your dad’s jokes? 
  • Have you been telling your sibling the importance of self-love, but have stayed up every night until 4 am watching Netflix and panicking about the world?
  • Have you been sharing on social media the impact of the pandemic and the importance of staying at home, but hanging out with your friends unmasked and not socially distanced?
  • Have you been meaning to call your best friend or grandparent or start a new hobby but failed to do it?

[bf_image id="s55mf6kccjrrvt35fhcwssjs"] Now is the time to put your words into action. Start this new month of a new year with good intentions. Get moving every day outside of your room. Enjoy living at home and spending quality time with your family. Treat yourself with self-love and respect. Practice what you share on social media whether it’s about the pandemic or the Black Lives Matter movement or sustainability etc. And call the person or complete the task or start the new hobby that you have neglected to do. 

I want my 2021 to be the year of doing. I don’t know how much of it will be with friends or traveling or crazy adventures, but I have control over the little things. I know I’m graduating in a few months opening a new chapter of my life and I have the options to do what I want. I know I have the ability to change something I don’t like. I can practice what I preach to my friends, or family, or followers, just like you can. So, practice what you preach and make 2021 the year of doing. 

Rosie Baker

Cal Lutheran '21

Writing Director and Senior Editor for Her Campus at Cal Lutheran. I am in my senior year completing a communication major and creative writing minor. Born and raised in England, I am a British girl California living who loves all things Disney, Friends, and beach related.
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