Our Journey Together

Our journey together didn’t start off easy

When I left high school, you weren’t my first choice

I was supposed to take another path

Instead I stayed in beautiful Ventura County

But, I didn’t think we’d meet again


Five years later I achieved my Associates Degree

It was then that we said hello once more

I didn’t think I would need you, but I did

I reached out and I waited to hear back

You accepted me and I was ecstatic


My life was different the second time we connected

I was older and had gone through a lot

My dreams and goals had changed

My future was heading down a different path

I knew I needed you

I was going to get far because of you


On our first day together,

I had butterflies

I was unsure of what was going to come next

You introduced me to some really great people

And I started feeling more comfortable


Some who read this,

May not know who you really are to me

They may think you’re a boy I fell in love with

They may think you’re a best friend

But you’re more than either of those

You were the school I learned to love


Cal Lutheran,

Our time together was not always easy

In fact, it was pretty hard

You kept me up at night

In both good and bad ways

In my three years with you,

We survived some crazy events


Our first year together,

We watched one wild election

I and many others weren’t happy with the results

Together we grieved for America


Our second year together,

We watched my hometown burn

The Thomas Fire destroyed Ventura

Many people I loved were greatly affected

I felt destroyed and heartbroken

How was I supposed to keep pushing?

I found it hard to worry about my studies,

When my home was going through so much


Our third and final year together,

We woke up to a tragedy that struck Thousand Oaks

Twelve innocent lives taken

The day after, another fire ravaged through California

Once again my home was being burnt to ashes

We grieved, prayed and we tried to find hope


Despite the bad,

I appreciate the time we had together

I want to remember the positive,

Not the negative


Cal Lutheran,

Without you I don’t know where I would be

You opened your arms to me

You brought me into an amazing community

You gave me lifelong friends and amazing professors

You’ve taught me so much

Not only about academics,

But about myself


Without you,

I wouldn’t have made such amazing memories,

With such beautiful people

I wouldn’t have been a part of a sisterhood,

That I cherish deeply

I wouldn’t have seen myself grow in the ways I have

And, I wouldn’t have seen myself overcome what I did


As we get closer to our goodbye,

And we start to part our ways,

I get an uneasy feeling

I’m saddened by my soon departure

A façade says I’m ready and I’m counting the days

But, on the inside I’m scared

I’m afraid to leave what I’ve known these past three years


I want you to know that I’m thankful

I’m thankful for the love you’ve graced me with,

for the opportunities you have given me,

for the steps you’ve taken to prepare me,

for the knowledge I’ve received


All in all,

I’m thankful for the experience you gave me


So on May 18, 2019,

My 26th birthday,

We will have one final hurrah together

It will not be a goodbye,

But a see you later

And I know you’ll be there

Cheering me on in my next journey at UCSB

And the years to come                                                                     All Photos Courtesy of the Author