An Open Letter to the New Her Campus Members

If you talk to our president Dani, I am sure she would love to tell you all about how, less than two years ago, 12 girls started meeting in the Mount Clef study room running this thing called Her Campus. I bet she would also say she never imagined a few college girls' small project of bringing a national online magazine by college women, for college women, to our campus would grow into a community of 120 young women (and 2 young men) wanting to grow their skills, build connections, and make a difference at Cal Lutheran. 



The interest meeting was the first sign this year was full of promises to far exceed expectations. One spritely face after another rushed into a room I never expected to be filled, until all that was left was standing room. You were cheered for and hyped up before being bogged down with rules, schedules, and deadlines, until we shared with you the reason why – we're not the average club. 


On that evening, we shared our vision of this online magazine by college women, for college women, that has become so much more. What was once an instant 50 friends has become an instant 122 friends that transpose majors, backgrounds, interests, and even gender. What was once a club on campus trying to make its voice heard is now a powerhouse of female empowerment, granting each individual skills for the professional world, alongside friendship and support.



No matter the reason you joined, from new friends to free stuff, we're all in this together. Now that you are a part of this awesome group of young ladies (and 2 guys), remember that when you are going to classes, studying late nights in the Student Union, or going virtually anywhwere on campus, you are likely never far from a friend. 

With so many new members who have important voices to share, we can achieve so much more in the Cal Lutheran community. I am excited to see what this year has in store beyond the awesome blessing it’s already revealed – all of you.