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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

Dear CLU,

As I sit here, a senior with less than thirty days left till I graduate, I have to take a step back and really take a look at everything you’ve given me. To think I was once a freshman who stepped on campus with bright eyes, a desire to be friends with everyone I encountered, and of course, some nerves about what was to come. I mean what can I say; I had left my humble abode to live on a campus with thousands of other students whom I had never met before.

But let me tell you, you’ve done more for me than I could have ever bargained for. You’ve given me life long friends, knowledge that I never thought I would have, memories that have been on my dorm wall for years, and a place with an atmosphere that is truly home away from home. The thing about your campus is that it’s small and it’s personal; I will always leave my room knowing I’m going to run into someone I know somewhere. But that’s what makes it so great. To think that there is always going to be a friend on my way to a class or to the gym is really a hidden highlight. I mean, you’ve been voted so many times as one of the friendliest campuses in the nation and let me tell you that it’s so true! Not only have I met so many people here that have made an impact on my life in some way, but I have also been able to learn from some of the best professors out there. You’ve become a friend, a teacher, a matchmaker, and soon my Alma Mater.

I mean sure, there were times where you didn’t seem so friendly… like finals week. Sure it’s not your fault that I sometimes had one final right after the other, but now I know I can handle my life under pressure. With those little moments of panic came infinite amounts of happiness, excitement, and joy. Some of my favorite moments have been spent in the dorms here just hanging out with my friends. When will I ever live with three of my best friends where all we have to worry about in the world is our homework? It’s really great living on your campus considering I’ve met some of my favorite people on this patch of land in Thousand Oaks.

As a senior, it’s funny to look out my dorm window and watch everyone go about their lives; it really does move fast! I hope the new freshman come here with the same spark in their eyes, desire to meet others, and of course nerves. They don’t know what they’re going to experience but I do. Even though you may not tell them in the beginning, they will soon find out how much of a blessing it is to call this home for four years. So thank you CLU and everyone that I’ve met along the way for giving me some of the best years of my life!

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Andrea Whisler

Cal Lutheran

I am currently a Senior at California Lutheran University and my major is Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and my minor is Communications. I have a passion for all writing, sports, puppies, and food.
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