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Welcome, 2022 and the new month of February! Most of the time last year, I felt as if I was listening to the same songs or same bands over and over again. This bugged me, but I was never able to find the time to find new music and change up the rhythm in my busy college life. I mostly relied on listening to podcasts and youtube videos when getting ready, but one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get back into the joys of music. So, that’s exactly what I did, and now I’m realizing I should have taken the initiative to implement this change sooner. Now, I’m going to share my new finds with you!


First off, I love bands with all my heart, along with concerts. I’m always able to find new types of bands that not a lot of people have heard before. Some of these bands I’m about to list are not necessarily new on my playlist, but the reason I included them is that they’re my go-to’s and all-time favorites.

  1. COIN- One of my all-time favorite bands, who I was lucky enough to be able to go see in concert last October. COIN loves to experiment with new types of music, sound, and editing, which results in a very indie-pop aesthetic. If you’re interested in listening to them, I would suggest any of their top songs, but preferably Talk Too Much from the album How Will You Know If You Never Try.
  2. Blossoms- Another favorite of mine and an international band as well! Coming from the UK, Blossoms presents indie, upbeat music that is incredibly catchy. They actually even have a podcast called The Blossoms Podcast, and it’s pretty funny. My album recommendation for them would have to be their newest one called If You Think This Is Real Life. 
  3. Augustine- I found this artist through a Youtuber (Marla Catherine), and at first, I was put off by the unique sound of his music. But, his soothing angel-like voice combined with his retro-sounding songs make it feel as if you are constantly taking a drive down the coast or relaxing at the beach. Try and romanticize your life while listening to his song Guts. 
  4. Twice- A good friend of mine has always tried to get me into K-Pop, and not until recently did I fall in love with the girl group Twice! The girls are each beautiful in their own ways and amazingly talented in the world of dance. It’s always neat to switch up your music taste, especially with a music genre that is filled with a fascinating language and rich culture. 
  5. Beach Bunny- Relating to this band has never been easier, especially with their bedroom pop songs. Beach Bunny always has great instrumentals and sings directly about how they and everyone else are feeling. If you’re willing to give them a try, I’d say go for their album Honeymoon.


In addition to bands, here are some songs that I can’t get out of my head. Feel free to add them to your playlist too!

  1. July (Windser)- I found this new artist from one of Macklemore’s latest songs. After listening to the acoustic and soft rhythm of July I fell in love with his music. Give him a listen- he needs the support! 
  2. We Don’t Talk About Bruno (Encanto Soundtrack)- Instantly after watching the movie, I downloaded the entire soundtrack. The actors’ vocals on this song make you want to sing it over and over again, no matter what. 
  3. This Is What Falling In Love Feels Like (JVKE)- This is the only song so far that I have listened to from this artist, but I love it because it makes me feel like I’m in a fantasy world. The bright vibe of the song and its instrumental emphasis reminds you of what falling in love feels like. The ups and downs combined with the happy moments are what love is all about.
  4. HEX (80purpp)- I found this song through a YouTuber I watch (Mai Pham), who includes it in the introductions of her videos. The beginning is pretty catchy, and the beat makes you want to listen to this when you’re heading somewhere like L.A. 
  5. Hiccup (Valley)- Seeing COIN in concert had its perks, and one of those was discovering a new band. This song screams indie with a touch of “I need a song to drive home to tonight”. The chorus makes you want to shout at the top of your lungs with the coming of age beat ringing in your ears.


These might not be music-related but, here are just a few podcasts that I love to listen to regularly. Sometimes it’s good to listen to something other than music.

1. What We Said (Jaci Smith and Chelsey Curtis)- A lifestyle podcast that will always entertain you down to the last minute. Chelsey and Jaci are like your best friends who visit every Tuesday. Once you get to know them, you won’t want to stop listening.

2. Moments Podcast (Lexi Hidalgo)- Inspirational and uplifting topics that influencer Lexi Hidalgo addresses that not a lot people do nowadays, especially on social media. This podcast definitely hits your feelings hard and makes you realize that there are others out there that don’t have a perfect life either. 

3. Skinny Dipping (Kela and Tatchi)- A podcast all about being authentic and helping you be the best you that you can be. Kela and Tatchi are here to give positive and upfront advice on how to navigate this world that we call life. 

And there you have it, the best music and podcast recommendations that are great for the new year that we’re in. Share with your friends and add some new music to your playlists! You can even listen to some of these on your morning walk. Unfortunately, we can’t change our Spotify usernames like we do our Instagram handles. But, my Spotify is @fangirl_342 for anyone interested!

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Hi, my name is Olivia Madera and I'm a writer/editor for Her Campus Cal Lutheran! I'm majoring in communications (with an emphasis in journalism) and minoring in film/tv. I love to read, write, bake, and travel (especially to the beach)!
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