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Mothers are miracles. They endure long, suffering hours of pain during childbirth for the one moment of pure joy when they meet us for the first time. They put us in little outfits deemed “adorable”, take endless pictures of us, make us lunch, teach us how to be responsible and independent, make sure we're staying on top of schoolwork, and care for us when we are sick. As we get older, a mother’s treatment towards us changes, but her love does not.(Photo Courtesy of Pixabay) 

Everyone’s mother is different, though. That is a fact that can be universally acknowledged. However, it is also an undeniable truth that when we leave home to change our lives, live on our own, make our own decisions and face college, our mothers' worlds are transformed as well. There is no denying that.(Photo Courtesy of Pixabay) 

Personally, my mother has often celebrated how there is less fighting in the house between siblings, and how there is less clutter, and how there are so many more things that she has learned to appreciate. She will repeatedly say how she has missed the hugs, the laughter, the noise that reverberates throughout the house that shows how alive the home is. She continuously reminds me that nothing makes her happier than when all of my sisters are at home at the same time. The Facetime calls between my sisters and I are usually the closest to that reality that she can get. She restructured her entire life around our family as each of us three sisters began leaving home. 

And while we may love our new lives out in the world, we should always remember our moms are at home waiting to give us a hug, or have a laugh with us again - not because we have to, but because we care.(Photo Courtesy of Pixabay) 

Hi! My name is Victoria Miller, but everyone calls me Tori. While writing has always been a passion of mine, it does not encompass all of my interests. I love exercising (taking care of my health is a big part of life for me - we only have one body to for life!), cooking, reading, singing, and hanging out with my friends and family. I am definitely a So-Cal Gal, and in complete honesty, I would not want to live anywhere else! I hope you enjoy the Her Campus articles as much as I do!
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