Love Yourself

It's that time of year again--the time of giving chocolate hearts and flowers to your significant other and spending quality time in each other's company. Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated exclusively to love. The one thing that has always baffled me is how easy it is to love another person and how hard it can be to love ourselves. So in the spirit of this day of love, here are reasons some reasons why you should love yourself.

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1. Love yourself because you are a limited edition. There is only one of you that exists in the entire world. Like a misspelled word in the title of a classic book, all the imperfections that you see in yourself are what make you valuable.

2. Love yourself because you are capable of doing great things. Yes, it may take a while, but in the end, you will accomplish it.

3. Love yourself because you inspire others. There is no one in the world who you haven't made an impression on. Maybe it was a profound comment that you said in class or a witty joke, whatever it is, you have made someone’s day.

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4. Love yourself because others love you. Never forget that there is someone who cares about you. Since others love you, there must be something about you that is special.

5. Love yourself because you’re trying. That is all that anyone can ask for. Whether you are trying your best or in small increments, the fact that you are actually trying is all that matters.

It is hard to find reasons to love yourself when sometimes all we see in the mirror is the flaws that mark our skin. It's such a common thought to want to have a certain feature someone else has or just to be someone else in general. It's common to want to change the things that we hate about ourselves.  That is not a bad thing, but the one thing that we always forget is that hate does not cause change, love does. Like the way a seed blooms into a flower by giving it love and care, us humans too cannot change who we are if we hate ourselves. We have to love ourselves enough to have the courage to change who we are into the person we want to be.

So this Valentine’s Day, remember to Love Yourself too.

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