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The Life of PA: Ana Dominguez

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

Ana Dominguez was born in Mexico and moved to California when she was four. She has an older brother who’s turning 25 and she has a cat. Ana was in color guard all four years of high school, in which she was the assistant captain her junior year and captain senior year. While being in color guard she got nine stitches on her head because of a riffel being dropped on it. Her favorite foods are Mexican, Italian, and BBQ. SHE LOVES DISNEY. Ana likes working with kids, loves Christmas, sunsets, going on adventures, and attending concerts. She enjoys traveling and is hoping to study abroad.

Her Campus Cal Lutheran: What inspired you to be a PA?

Ana Dominguez: My PA from last year, Tori, inspired me, she was super accessible. We ended up becoming pretty good friends, and she was always there when I needed her. Throughout all my questions that I asked her she would always reply and help me. I knew I wanted to do that for freshmen. My first year I was so scared. I knew I wanted to be there for the freshmen because I know how it feels to be scared and nervous. I wanted to be their first friend that would help them and mentor them through their first year.

HCCLU: What’s your favorite class that you’re taking this semester?

AD: ASL because it’s really cool and interesting to learn. Especially because the professor is deaf, it forces you to learn the language. It’s a really interesting language.


AD: Because I was close to home, it was a good distance. It was also the cheapest option with scholarship money. 

HCCLU: What’s been your favorite memory from CLU so far?

AD: Common Ground, it’s my favorite thing from Cal Lutheran. It’s just nice and relaxing, for one day a week, being with other people that have the same beliefs as you. I really enjoy going. If I’m stressed or having a bad week I sort of just forget about everything for that one hour and I get to focus on myself. It’s a nice time.HCCLU: Who has inspired you the most in life and why?

AD: My mom, dad, and brother. My mom because she’s always been there. When we moved here, we moved here because of my dad’s work, and my mom would always have to drive my dad to work early to Van Nuys and she would have to drive back to take me to school which she did every day for like a year. It was rough and a lot for her to handle. I didn’t speak any English when we first moved here so she would go with me to class and translate for me. She’s always been there for me; both of my parents have. The older I get, the more I realize how much they’ve done for my brother and I and all of their sacrifices they’ve made for us. I definitely look up to them because if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be who I am right now. I really look up to my brother, I always have. He has inspired me a lot too. Throughout the years we’ve gotten closer and it has helped a lot in our relationship. I’m really proud of him because of how far he has come, he graduated from Cal State Northridge and is joining the Academy. I know that anything he puts his mind to he can accomplish, which is something I’ve always looked up to him for.HCCLU: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

AD: When I was four my mom threw me the best Hello Kitty birthday party in the world while we were still living in Mexico. All of my friends were there and it was such a big party. The cake was brought out and they were singing to me and my brother came up behind me and smashed my face in the cake.HCCLU: Who’s your favorite artist and why?

AD: Justin Bieber. I’ve loved him since day one and have always supported him. I feel like I have an emotional connection with him. I love him so much.

HCCLU: Is there anything else you would like to add?

AD: It’s kind of weird looking at myself freshmen year and now, looking at how much I’ve grown. It’s scary but cool at the same time. It makes me think of who I’ll be when I graduate, I know that I’ll be different. Who knows what will happen.

Leslie Madrigal

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