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My 3 Favorite Inspirational Women

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I'll be sharing with y'all my top three favorite inspirational women. Although there were so many women to choose from I feel like these women have recently been influencing me greatly.

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Miley Cyrus

As a long-time Hannah Montana fan, how could I not still find the icon herself inspiring? After having gone through so much in terms of self-discovery in the critical public eye she has finally found her true self. She has harnessed her voice to become the most natural display of her true talent. It can be seen in her most recent album that her voice is matured and she has adopted the rock genre. She seems extremely happy with her life and the confidence she has in her values. She is also so body positive and aware of her rights to the same pleasures men have been almost guaranteed for so long. Her music portrays how she does not need a man to make her happy, she can make herself happy all day every day. The men who tried to control her music-making stood no chance against Miley. I feel like all women need to learn from this feminist icon that we are entitled to just as much as men are. We can also learn from her confidence. She recently has been posting whatever she wants on her Instagram feed and it’s a good lesson on how not to care what others think. Do what makes you happy! Miley surely does. She made sure Liam knew it too.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton had a tragic teenage and early adulthood life. Although everything looked prim and perfect to the public eye, it has been recently revealed in her new documentary how not all was as it seemed. During a stay in Provo Canyon Boarding School, she suffered abuse, both emotional and physical. She was forced into solitary confinement, naked, and forced to take mystery pills. She eventually got out and entered a whole new world of emotional turmoil. An intimate tape of her was released without consent as revenge by an ex-boyfriend whom she had put her trust in. As she strived to build her empire whilst putting up a strong facade she was constantly questioned by men. They would put her down and say that she didn’t work for what she has, that modeling wasn’t a job, and her companies weren’t a success because of her. After all of this, she still maintains a smile on her face and a strong personality. She continues to build her empire and do the things she loves. Paris is an amazing businesswoman and an inspiration for the perseverance of women. As Paris would say, “That’s hot!”


Indy Blue

Indy Blue has been a huge influence in my life for the past few years. She is the epitome of what I aspire to be. A blogger, travel influencer, and entrepreneur! Not to mention she’s an incredible mom, which I strive to be in the future. Indy has faced plenty of harsh comments on the internet where she initially began to make her name known. Being an influencer she had to learn how to deal with criticism and unfair criticism at that. Recently, after having given birth she has been dealing with diabetes caused by pregnancy. This has led her to lose weight and she has been unfairly criticized for it. It is not her fault that she has diabetes and therefore her weight fluctuates. But she gets through the criticism. Whether it be from taking a social media break or getting support from her understanding followers. Indy is independent and passionate as she travels the world and takes us along for the ride in her inclusive YouTube videos. She also invites us into her life through her intimate blog posts which take a lot of courage to share. Lastly, she is an inspiring entrepreneur. She created Lonely Ghost and launched their very first store in the middle of a pandemic! That takes courage and trust in your brand. Indy is a creative genius and an amazing woman.


With these three powerhouse women to look up to, I know I can become a powerful woman too. They have so much to teach us and will continue to be great role models. Let's go out and celebrate them and all the other amazing women out there on International Women's Day!

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Eriika Passi

Cal Lutheran '24

Hi my name is Eriika. I am a freshman business major with an emphasis in entrepreneurship!! I love to write and blog as a pass time:)
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