The Lady in Grey

I kid you not, I saw a ghost in my room on my trip to Europe.

I was in my hotel in Manchester with my boyfriend and we were dead asleep. I mean, middle of the night, silent hotel, dead asleep. I’ve always woken up at super random times throughout the night, so waking up at 3 am wasn’t that unusual for me.

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What was unusual was seeing the woman walking from beside the wardrobe in our room to stand behind the TV. I about lost it when she turned and looked over at where my boyfriend and I were in bed. Can you make eye contact with a ghost? I’m going to say that you can, because I sure did.

Now, I wouldn’t say that I was completely awake so naturally my mind goes straight to “Holy s**t there is someone in our room.” Like any sane person, I started to slap my boyfriend’s side over and over while fervently whispering “Oh my god, Danny, there is someone in our room. For the love of god wake up. There is someone in our room!!!

You’re probably thinking that this would wake him up and he would be just as freaked out as I was, right? Well this guy, I swear I wanted to scream, grunts and rolls over and continues snoring in his blissful, ghost less sleep. Meanwhile, I am terrified to look over by the TV in the fear that she may have come closer, or you know, I might die.

So finally, after maybe three to five minutes, I look back over and she's still there! We make the most uncomfortable eye contact I have ever made in my life, and let me tell you, I have had some uncomfortable eye contact with people, but these people were all living of course. Practically hyperventilating at this point, I watch her look at us one last time and then walk off in the other direction towards the bathroom.

After this, I had no hope of sleeping, so like the child I truly I am, I curled up into the smallest ball possible, pressed myself as close to my still sleeping boyfriend, and completely covered every single part of my body, including my head, with the blankets.

By some miracle, I did end up falling asleep. Over and over again, because it ended up being a fitful night after that encounter. The next day, Danny and I got up and went to go get food to bring back to our hotel because I had a paper that was due in the next couple of days. After we got back and we were eating and talking, I decided to ask him if he remembered me hitting him trying to wake him up. He had no clue what I was talking about.

I explained what happened, expecting him to be as scared as I was, but he just looked at me with utter disbelief and asked me if I was sure. And, yeah, I was sure that I saw something in our room. Of course, me being me, I had to look up then and there if the hotel truly was haunted, because I had to know for sure if I was just crazy or if I had seen an actual ghost.

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Lo and behold, the first several links are reviews saying that the hotel is haunted and that it's on tour of haunted buildings. The link that struck me the most was an article that explained that there was a woman that lived in the hotel in the 1930’s and vowed she never wanted to live any place else. She is called the Lady in Grey and she is the ghost that I saw standing behind the television in our room that night.

Of course I had to have my boastful moment to my boyfriend that I had in fact seen a ghost. And then he still didn’t believe me! For the rest of the trip, he continued to make fun of me and make jokes about ghosts, and how they don’t exist, but I swear, I did see one.

I didn’t see her again any of the other nights, which of course my boyfriend says is because she doesn’t actually exist, but I think she only came the first night because we were new residents in the hotel and she wanted to check us out. He also says that he doesn’t believe I saw anything because I was okay with staying in the hotel, even after it happened. But I was okay with staying in the hotel because I paid over 400 dollars to stay there and I was not letting my 4 star hotel experience go to waste.

So whether or not I actually saw the Lady in Grey (I totally did), I now have a cool story to share with people if I am ever asked if I have had an experience with a ghost.