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September 15th kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month. This month is close to me as it showcases my roots and all the wonderful things about the Hispanic culture. This is why I was inspired to write about an extraordinary Hispanic woman: Katya Echazarreta. 

Katya Echazarreta was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and came to the United States at a young age. She quickly picked up the English language after a short two years of being here. She also mentions her love for physics, math, and anything that has to do with space. Katya made headlines earlier this year on June 4th, 2022, as she was the first Mexican-born woman to travel to space. 

I was captivated by this and wanted to do more research on Katya and I came across her website, where she has blogs on different topics. The ones that I loved the most were, “How to Gain Experience Without an Internship” and “How I Became A Reader.” I also want to highlight how she is a big supporter of Latin American Women and empowers and encourages women with similar backgrounds as her, as she knows they deserve to be here and they belong in every field of work. In every interview you find of her, there is no doubt that she will remember to mention her support for women. 

Katya Echazarreta has become a role model for the many generations of women after her. She has been able to prove that no matter where you come from (your financial status, gender, etc.), nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. 

Thank you Katya for empowering so many women.

My name is Wendy and I am a Sociology and Spanish major at California Lutheran University. I have lived in Ventura County all my life, making me a huge fan of the beach. I love to read on my down time, spend time with friends and workout. My love for writing began during quarantine where I found it to be a great way to express myself! I hope you enjoy my articles!