Kanye West is a Genius and Here's Why

Kanye West. Love him or hate him, his name appears everywhere in mainstream media. Some rap lovers may rejoice when they hear his name, but other listeners are still skeptical. All music aside, Kanye has become one of the most influential men in America throughout his career, and his life is continually discussed online and on TV. After sifting through his albums ranging from his newest one, The Life of Pablo, to his more old school content, Graduation, I speculated on his fame and boiled his influence down to this:

  1. He is incredibly confident: Whether or not you love his albums, this guy will not listen to what anyone has to say when the spotlight shines on him. He will speak his mind, whether or not people want to hear it, and he is seemingly incapable of keeping his ideas to himself. He is not a believer of false modesty, and has a level of belief in himself which is unsurpassed.

  2. He pushes the boundaries: In his songs, Kanye will touch on any topic he wants to and will do it without worrying what other people think. He raps about everything with a list stretching from racism, sex, money, drugs, family and feelings, all the way down to a prenup. No topic is left unexplored when he hops on the track, whether or not it is considered to be “taboo.” A jewel encrusted gas mask adds to the boujee and creates a "modern art" type feel to Kanye's onstage performance. 

  3. He fuels cultural changes: His taste in fashion is eccentric and he stays in the public eye because of the music he creates along with the look he produces. His fashion sense has influenced clothing companies across the world, and his hole-ridden Yeezy sweaters arguably helped fuel a more casual era of fashion.

  4. He celebrates who he is: When Kanye says something, you best believe he means it. He does not act differently in the public eye and does not hide his emotions. If he is mad at the paparazzi he’ll show it, and if he’s happy about his upcoming materials he’ll say it. He does not put up a front despite being famous, and stays celebrating his true self.

  5. Pure Sound: Whether or not you are a fan of his music, his albums are full of unique sounds and riffs you are not going to find in other pieces. His background sounds are incredibly unique and his lyrics to the point and easy to sing, leaving the audience hyped up and excited to share in his confidence. A floating stage leaves Kanye hovering over his fans, giving a new approach to utilizing "stage space."

Between his upfront nature and unique musical taste, Kanye has and will continue to have others shouting “Yeezy taught me!” In a society based around media, Kanye has managed to conquer the attention of people around the world and share his art. And because of this, he could arguably be considered a genius.


*media courtesy of Photopin.com