Off Jah Wall


Her Campus Cal Lutheran: What’s your major and how did you choose it? 
Jah Xhamilton: I’m a psychology major. I’ve always been interested in psych. I took AP Psychology my senior year of high school and the concepts were really easy to apply to daily life. I can practice these concepts on people and see an actual effect. I’ve always enjoyed helping and communicating with people. I like learning about how people function.
HC: What are you involved with on campus?
JX: Well, I’m an RA. I’m a part of the “Netflix and Chill” intramural soccer team. 
HC: How did you decide you wanted to be an RA and what do you like most about it?
JX: I decided I wanted to be an RA before I even started college. I visited the school through the inCLUsive program. I stayed with a junior RA and he was really cool. He was able to show me around school and tell me a lot about the job. I really liked the things I heard about it. My freshman year, I really liked all my RA’s and they all shaped me in a positive way, My favorite part about this job is talking to my residents because from that, I can see the impact I have on them damn near immediately. 
HC: What are you most passionate about?
JX: I’m passionate about life. For me personally, I do a lot of self reflection to figure out how I can become a better person and learn from my mistakes in the past. I’m into reading wisdom books. I feel like they make me feel better and I can instantly see these things in my life and allow them to change how I think. Thoughts change actions. I can repair and improve aspects of my life and allow and inspire others to do the same. 
HC: How did you choose CLU?
JX: The inCLUsive program helped me make my decision. I loved everybody’s energy and the appearance of campus. I love Thompson and the room sizes. I’ve lived here for two years now. I loved the welcoming atmosphere I felt when I visited here. It was a done deal. 
HC: What’s something nobody knows about you?
JX: I’ve toured the Baltics with Bobby McFerrin. Ambiguous is best for these random facts. That way people can come up to me and ask me about it.