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The Importance of History


History is inescapable; everyone and everything has a past. There are both wonderful and horrible aspects of this. Some of us have encountered awful moments in life while others have truly been given a gift of happiness. The truth is, each moment fades and every day brings something new replacing the time you once experienced.

There is importance in keeping history alive. How else are we to learn? Learning from mistakes is the most enriching process in the world. Politicians, historians, those of power, and people in general always say that history will repeat itself. With that being said, shouldn’t we all be reading textbook after textbook to stop major occurrences such as world wars and genocides from occurring? It then seems that the mysteries of the world are already solved, yet we continue to make the same mistakes.

Even if it is painful, looking back into the past can really relieve so many future problems. Sure tale signs of an abusive relationship will become obvious, heartfelt feelings for a special person may be suggested, or any type of small error may be brought to light. Nonetheless, the past holds the key to the future. The key to living a happier life. The key to humanity.

The most painful pasts are the most imperative. Generally if anything frightfully terrifying takes place the most normal thing to do is to try to forget it happened and move on. Although it may be the easiest way, it is not necessarily the best. Humans live to connect through stories. We live to understand and see similarities between one another. It is our source of comfort that makes us feel apart of a society. What is the point of being around one another if we cannot comprehend one another’s feelings? There would be no real relation. Through our stories we can learn right from wrong. Thus, morals and ethics will be shaped and molded to form a well rounded society that in turn takes care of one another.

If we forget our past, we give up our future. The removal of history will destroy hope for humanity and in turn we will be gifted a world filled with corruption and tyranny.

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Ali Nibarger

Cal Lutheran

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