Get to Know Christian Rider!

Name: Christian Rider

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology (Emphasis in Sports Psychology)

Pursuing: Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Hometown: Orange County, California

"La Verne 1500 Meter Race" 2016  - Christian Rider

Christian is the very first CLU Athlete I met. Well, I must have had classes with other amazing CLU athletes, I'm sure, but Christian is the first one of many that I have been wanting to interview. I was truly curious as to why he had chosen CLU. When asked if there was anything here that attracted him particularly, Christian said that when it was time to choose a university and deciding upon his future, he prayed to God for guidance.

"I had faith that wherever I ended up, it was all part of God’s plan. I decided on CLU because out of all the other campuses I visited, I felt deep down like I was meant to be here. I find it difficult to explain, but I believe God put it in my heart that my place was here at CLU."

Of course after this inspiring response it was only right to ask him more about his experience now, so close to the end of his first two years on campus, what his favorite spot around CLU was and why. It was to be expected that, as a God-guided Kingsmen, he would find that the spot on campus he favored most, was at the cross. This cross is situated on the hill with the CLU rocks. He mentions that the view from the top gives him a pretty nice image of a good portion of Thousand Oaks. He enjoys hiking up there to relax in a place with no distractions. It is quite a lovely place, after all, and we all need an escape at some point from the hectic college lifestyle.

As we make our way to the Pearson Library, passed Gumby, I realized that Christian is quite the popular guy. With his calm yet cheerful attitude it is no surprise he has greeted five people on the way there. His two years on campus, (and counting) not only gave him time to make friends but also to attend hang outs and have all the chances to create amazing memories on campus. I was wondering which of these he has enjoyed the most. He says that his favorite event to attend is Common Ground, every Wednesday night.

"Together, we take part in the Eucharist and students lead us in prayer and singing worship songs. Common Ground provides me with a much needed break from my busy schedule and sets aside time for my classmates and I to connect with God."

"CLU Dinner" March 7th, 2014  - Christian Rider

As a student, Christian is dedicated to his school work and classes, but he is also devoted to the sport of running. Christian runs for CLU's Men’s Cross-Country and Track & Field teams. There is a dynamic to a sports team that depends greatly on the chemistry of its people. Christian and his friends on the team are no strangers to this idea of a successful bond.

"My teammates are unbelievably supportive. The energy and camaraderie exhibited by my teammates can be seen at any cross-country meet or track meet. The sport would not be the same without sharing the experience with such passionate athletes."

He speaks of the bonds and friendships he has created with the team and how these are shaping his dedication every day. He says that every year, it is these amazing people of the team, that keep him coming back, as well as his undying passion for running competitively. Christian speaks of the accomplishments he has had with his teammates and it is not a surprise there are many of them!

Being Regals and Kingsmen, know all too well that our CLU athletes always give it their all when it comes to doing the sports they're passionate towards. The Track & Field team is no different. Last year eleven team members qualified for all of the SCIAC titles! There were even three NCAA Division III National Championship finishers. From those three, Melissa Skiba, won first place in the NCAA Division III National Championship 5000 meter race.

Christian can certainly say he has had a great experience so far and so much to be proud of! Being a college athlete, there is a lot of things that can be pros and cons for the students life, yet Christian makes a great effort to balance it all!

"I've developed better time management skills. Running track in the Spring and Cross-Country in the Fall, I am constantly busy with school work and training on and off season. Being an athlete has helped me stay on top of my studies because I must effectively manage my time in order to be a student-athlete and maintain my 3.9 GPA."

"SCIAC Multi Dual, Cross Country" 2015 - Christian Rider

Her Campus Cal Lutheran: Three Hobbies You Love!

Christian Rider: Comics, Video Games and Anime.

HCCLU: If you were to major in any other field, what would that be and why?

CR: Art History. I find it very interesting to look at the various art pieces left behind by past cultures.

HCCLU: What is it about art that you like?

CR: I just find the things I can learn about a culture in terms of their lifestyle or belief system from the art they leave behind to be fascinating. Walking through museums or even taking Art History courses here on campus enables me to glimpse into the lives of people of the past and see connections between civilizations that were worlds apart.

"Occidental, Track & Field"  - Christian Rider