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Future Mr. President: Jared Smith

  (Jared in Boston for his trip with the Model United Nations Club)

Originally from La Habra, California, Jared Smith is a sophomore here at Cal Lutheran. He’s working hard, with a double major in Political Science and Criminal Justice, has a job at Pearson Library, and is part of numerous campus activities. He is part of CLU’s football team, the Model United Nations (MUN) club, the Honors Program, California College Republicans, and Senate. Talk about goal oriented, and busy. And ladies, this motivated mister is single, so stop by the library to see a friendly face, and maybe meet the next President of the United States!


Her Campus: Why did you choose CLU? 

Jared Smith: I picked CLU for a mixture of different aspects. There’s the athletic side, because I wanted to keep playing football after my 4 years in high school. CLU knew how to win and I could work well with the coaches. There’s also the Academics aspect. On Admitted Students Day, I saw I could take every advantage and every opportunity here. 

HC: Favorite thing about CLU? 

JS: The size of the campus, it’s not so big that you need a bike to get across it, but not small enough that you know every single person here. 

HC: What inspired you to choose your major(s)? 

JS: I’ve always had a passion for politics, and I like debating with people. Law Enforcement is always something I found cool, as well as the Army/Military. I figured both Political Science and Criminal Justice were some things I’m passionate in and could do in the future. 

HC: Speaking of the future, what are your plans after graduation? 

JS: Law School hopefully, if I get in somewhere good. If i get an opportunity in politics I’ll take that, being the president would be great. And eventually I want to apply to be a military officer in the Navy. 

HC: Favorite place near campus?  


HC: Favorite movie? 

JS: Star Wars: Episode 4: A New Hope 

HC: Who would play you in a movie about your life? 

JS: Chubby Chris Pratt. He fits the mold and general personality because he likes to laugh and  enjoy life. 

HC: Fun Fact about yourself?  

JS: I can play the mandolin.

(Jared playing for our very own CLU Kingsmen Football Team) 

HC: Most embarrassing moment at CLU? 

JS: Going into freshman year, there was a bellyflop contest and I just dove head first. I was boo’d by the entire team for a good minute. It wasn’t the gretaest way to start, haha.  

HC: Most memorable moment at CLU thus far?

JS:  The Model UN trip to Boston because I got to spend time with my friends doing something I love. 

HC: Any words of wisdom you have that could help students live life better? 

JS: Don’t worry about failing, learn how to fail. 



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