The Fun and Outgoing Kyla

Kyla Lopez is a second year psychology major with an emphasis in child and family development and a minor in sociology at Cal Lutheran. She works at Starbucks in Camarillo, the DSS office, and she’s a weekend babysitter. Kyla has a 14-year-old sister who’s her pride and joy. She loves to play sports, the color purple, art, flowers, fashion, and dogs. She’s also a Christian and her favorite show is Friends. Read on to learn more about this amazing CLU student!Her Campus Cal Lutheran: Since you’re almost halfway through college, what have you learned?

Kyla Lopez: I’ve learned that being on a strict schedule is very important to get things done. And that the only person I need in life is me because who’s going to be there when I graduate? Me.

HCCLU: How did you decide on your major?

KL: My major is psychology with an Emphasis in Child and Family Development and I have a minor in Sociology. I’m a people person and I always knew that I wanted to help people from a young age. When people had problems they would always come to me so I figured if I could be properly trained for the job, that would get me far in life.HCCLU: What does being a commuter mean to you?

KL: Spending a lot of money on gas and learning how to parallel park. I had to teach myself one morning getting to a nine o’ clock class. That was a struggle but I did it.

HCCLU: What’s the most important thing you have learned while being a college student?

KL: Organization is key.HCCLU: What has been your favorite memory you have made here at CLU?

KL: Definitely Homecoming freshman year. Just getting to meet new people in a fun environment made it easier for me to be friends with them in a school setting.

HCCLU: Who do you look up to and why?

KL: My mom because despite all the hardships she has been through, she’s always kept a smile on her face, motivated me to be a positive person and to rely on God and everything is going to be okay. It’s going to be okay even if it’s not okay right now.HCCLU: What’s your dream job and why?

KL: Working with teens or kids that have been abused, I could help them overcome that and help get them on a positive path in life. With a job like that, my life would be fulfilled.

HCCLU: What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

KL: I am really good at forgiving people even when they don’t deserve it.HCCLU: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

KL: I was walking down huge rocks at the beach, I slipped and a bunch of cute surfers saw me and asked me if I was okay. I had to hold in my tears while there was blood running down my legs. It was the day before my high school graduation so I had to walk down the line with a huge scrape down my leg.

HCCLU: What song would describe your life?

KL: "Young, Wild and Free". I’m only young once and anything can happen to me, I could die tomorrow, so why not live my life to the fullest while I can.