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The topic of whether fashion should be considered an art form has been a heated debate in the fashion community for years. Many designers argue that they are not artists because their clothes will somehow end up in department stores where it is just another commodity to earn profit. But when I look at the incredible gowns from Couture Fashion, all I can see is real life art gliding down the runway. Hundreds of hours go into each dress, and in a single show there are around 45 designs. The amount of detail and hours put into couture gowns is easily comparable to the amount of time a painter takes to make a painting.

Let’s take a look at some of the gowns that prove to us that fashion should be considered an art. Even Blair Waldorf agrees that fashion is an art. 

Photos Via Vogue.com

I am currently a Freshmen at Cal Lutheran and majoring in Global Studies. I have a love for fashion, travel, and having adventures with friends.
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