The Earth Without Art is just Eh!

There is no denying that art can bring you joy and happiness.  Art can be anything from photography to painting.  Whether it’s a colorful building or a mural, art has a way of brightening up your day.  So why has art become so undervalued in a time when we can use it the most?  There are artists everywhere, you just have to know where to look.  I met a few local artists in class one day and they seem like they were born with it or something, but what’s special about these artists is that the art they create is unique, one of a kind, something you can’t find anywhere else.  Supporting your local artists like Taylor, who does some insane henna tattoos or Nicole, who does some amazing out of this world photography, is so important during the low times in our lives.Henna Created by Taylor Myers

Taylor and Nicole are both Cal Lutheran students and there are so many more amazingly talented students that I haven’t mentioned. Photographs by Nicole IshiiPhotographs by Nicole Ishii

Art should be embraced and celebrated because it brings joy, positivity, and can unite a nation. We should be supporting things that show us beauty.  We should spend less time stressing and worrying and more time creating because the best thing about art is that we can all become artists!