Dear Generation Z

Dear Generation Z,

Born in the years between 1995-2012, we have an obsession with avocados, spend all our time on social media, complain about college being unaffordable, and make relatable Vine references every chance we get. We're the people who complain about everything being unfair. We're the thin-skinned group who get offended by everything and anything. Even though we're 'just kids', we complain about life being hard. We have no experience, common sense, or place to talk about the adult things like politics and social issues because we are too young to understand the world.Photo courtesy of

These are the characteristics that are typically associated with Generation Z. The reality, however, couldn't be farther from the truth. It's our generation’s courageous rebellion against the unfair world that is driving change in the system. Speaking out against hatred and raising awareness of social issues is fueling a cry to make these issues that were once hidden, finally visible. We are making the world a better place, and I don't think we get enough credit for that. From those speaking out for gun control laws and mental health issues to advocates of Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, and the LGBTQIA movement, we're not just making noise, desperately hoping someone will listen. We're leading a movement that causes change and that's something to be proud of. Photo Courtesy of

To the adults who think we kids are too young to know better and that we should wait for more educated people to take action, where are those people? The very generation that adults call lazy is the same generation that they criticize when we choose to stand up for what we believe in. Though we may have seen less of the world, the fact that we're human makes us capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. From the time we were children, adults always told us what was right and what was wrong. Whenever something was wrong, it was the adults who encouraged us to do something to make it right. To the adults who stand in the way of letting children demand change, either lead the movement yourself or get out of their way.

To my fellow Generation Z and to the other youth who strive to make a difference: do not stop. No matter what age you are, everyone was born with a voice that is meant to be heard. So speak up. When you see something wrong, let that problem be acknowledged. We are not the problem in society, we are the leaders in it. Keep going forth and keep changing the world.Photo courtesy of