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Concerts Make My Heart Happy

Concerts are absolutely my happy place. It is a time to enjoy the artist whose music you love with people that you love. The entire experience is what you make of it. But depending on the type of music it is, the energy will be astounding. I generally go to Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B concerts because those are my favorite genres of music. What I've learned is the concert will be better based on the person or people you go with as well as the mood you enter the concert with. I just love to vibe along with the artist, and sing along. Plus, since I'm a singer I geek out and think that I'm singing a duet with them even though I'm really not. But, for me, actually knowing the words makes the concert more enjoyable for me. Except one of my favorite concerts, the Endless Summer Tour, made me a bigger fan of the artists I went and saw because I saw how amazing they were as performers. To me, concerts are some of the best experiences I have had. Here's a list of a few I've been to in the past year, in no particular order! If you ever get a chance to see these performers live...take it. :)

1) Bryson Tiller

Bryson is definitely in the Top 3 of my favorite artists. His voice is amazing and the lyrics he writes are so deep and personal, it feels like I'm getting to know the real him. 

2) Drake

Drake is the artist I've seen the most in concert. Every concert is super hype and a good time not only because he is such a great performer but also because of the other audience members. Everyone's out there having a blast, singing/ rapping along, and just having a party. And this last time I went with my boo Hope. <3

3) The Endless Summer Tour: YG, Yo Gotti, Logic, & G-Eazy

This is 100% within the Top 3 Concerts I have ever been to. My best friend Meera found tickets to this show and they were relatively cheap, I was in a concert phase when I wanted to go to every concert possible. I had heard of some of YG's music and some of G-Eazy's but I didn't know who Yo Gotti was and knew who Logic was and was a fan of his mindset and personality, but hadn't listened to his music. But I was down to go to a concert so we bought tickets! Then we looked up the setlist and listened to the songs as much as we possibly could. Even though I didn't know all the words to most of the songs, it was still one of the most enjoyable nights of my life. The energy of the crowd and the positivity shed, especially by Logic was astouding. I left that concert wanting to be a better person. And that concert made me a bigger fan of YG, G-Eazy, and especially Logic. Logic is one of my all-time favorite artists now and I got his motto "peace, love, and positivity" tattooed on me. This concert proved to me you can go see a performer without knowing much of their music, and become an even bigger fan when it's over.

4) Trey Songz, Rae Sremmurd, Fetty Wap, Kehlani, D.R.A.M. and YFN Lucci

Such an awesome concert because of the performers, how close the seats were, and the amazing people I went to it with. I am a huge fan of Trey Songz and Kehlani, and a somewhat fan of Fetty Wap. However the biggest surprise of all was Rae Sremmurd. I knew some of there songs because they are popular and played on the radio. I wasn't too excited to see them but my attitude towards them changed completely. They get their audience extremely hype and turn it into a huge party. It felt like they were trying their best to make sure everyone was having a great time. For me, Kehlani didn't sing long enough. She only performed three songs instead of ten, like I wanted her to. I definitely want to see her in another concert ASAP, mainly because her new album is the most relatable one I've listened to in a while. And the headliner, Trey Songz, was breathtaking. His voice was majestic, and I knew all of the songs he performed which made it a million times better. He's also someone I want to see in concert again soon. 

Hope y'all enjoyed this article about four of my favorite concerts I've been to. Obviously not everyone is a concert person but I think if you pick the right performer and people to go with it'll be super good time. 

*All photos provided by myself.

Singing, writing, and photography are what I love to do.
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