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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

With summer coming to an end and the school year starting, people are coming back to campus, the school supply aisles at stores are running low in stock, and, if you are like me, then you are probably stressed trying to figure out your schedule for the next semester. Whether you are new to college, or you have been here, you are probably familiar with burnout. On the WebMD website, burnout is defined as, “a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped.” When I am experiencing burnout, some of the common feelings that I experience are fatigue and loss of motivation. Also, my mental health usually is not in the place I would like it to be. Let’s be honest, school can be tiring, and burnout is legit, but here are some ways to beat the burnout. 

Time Management

Managing your time is so important when you are in school. Not only is your class schedule new to you, but you also have to balance the rest of your responsibilities in your personal life. So, therefore if you are a google calendar girlie or an iCal person, or even just a paper planner kind of person, find the method that works best for you. Having a schedule that you can refer to can help stop you from overbooking yourself and also help with determining how much time you have for yourself. 

I like to take time out of my week to schedule what the rest of the week looks like. Sitting and dedicating time to the scheduling has helped me understand what the next couple of days will look like for me. This leads me to Self-Care. 


Knowing how much free time you have in your schedule has been super helpful for me to know when I have time to take care of myself. This might mean just reading a book, watching a movie with friends, or going on a walk. Sometimes, when I do not have a clear idea of what my week ahead looks like, then I get caught up in trying to figure everything out and I forget to just take a moment to breathe.  Balancing clubs, classes, and personal life can become overwhelming so never forget to take care of yourself and remember that rest is productive! 

Find a Good Support System

In college, I have been so lucky with the support system that I have created around me. This includes friends, family, mentors, and others that I have met during my time here. Having people behind you that are willing to listen to you when times are tough is super important. Sometimes, it is the people closest to you that will remind you to take a step back and not stretch yourself too thin. Especially when you have friends who are going through similar challenges as you are, leaning on each other makes you feel less alone in times of stress. 

Burnout is a real thing, and with busy college life, it is bound to happen at some point, so remember that people are always rooting for you! Good luck this school year and remember to balance your time, take care of yourself, build a strong support system and enjoy the year!

Laura Flores Arambula

Cal Lutheran '25

Hey! I'm Laura and I am a writer for Her Campus at Cal Lutheran. I am an English and Ethnic Studies major with a minor in Gender and Women's Studies and Spanish. I am a first-generation student and both of my parents are Mexican immigrants. Besides the fact that I am a One Direction and Harry Styles stan, I love to read and write! I also love going on hikes and hanging out with my friends.