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Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by your foundation:

Being brown and obsessed with make-up has had its hurdles since I have been in middle school from patchy color matches to concealers that made me look a little like Edward Cullen from Twilight: ghostly and a bit too shimmery.

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Here are some of my foolproof make-up products I believe work best for brown women!

  1. Cloud paint in the shade “Storm” – Glossier 

This liquid cream blush is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way!

I love using this for all my “cold girl” makeup-inspired looks or even a daily glowy look.

cloud paint
  1. NYX suede lipstick in the shade “Cold Brew” – NYX 

This lipstick is great when applied regularly, but It also is fantastic for a more subtle look by just tapping your lips lightly until the desired color is met!

  1.  Black Cherry sheer stick – NYX

I love the look of of the clinique black honey lipstick, but not the price… As tiktok trend goes this is a perfect yet affordable “DOOPE” of the clinique lipstick. Plus the color looks fabulous on brown girls!

  1. Satin camo concealer – e.l.f 

  I adore this concealer as I feel it is extremely buildable. I use it for light daily looks and my going out full coverage makeup. 

  1. Cream stick bronzer in the shade “Chai” – Mango people

I used  to be terrified of cream bronzer out of fear of my face looking like a Jackson Pollock painting. Fortunately this bronzer has a brown girl friendly range of shades and is brown girl owned!

  1. Swiss Miss lip salve – Glossier

This balm is a major throwback to those candy chapsticks ranging from M & M’s to Hershey’s chapstick, but even better! This color looks exquisite on brown skin.

These beauty products are amazing for brown girls everywhere and have color shades and options depending on your exact skin tone! 

So I wish you happy shopping and makeup slays only!

Simran Pimenta

Cal Lutheran '24

Hi I am Simran and the current Co-President for HCCLU! I am a Computer Information Systems major. I love talking all things beauty, tech, and fashion related!