Broadway Bound: Bri Bryan

Meet Cal Lutheran's newest shining star, Brianna Bryan. Bri is a current Freshman at Cal Lu with a passion for theater and the voice of an angel. Whether she's releasing music on iTunes, performing on Broadway or creating websites, Bri is excelling beyond the normal college freshman. Where can you find her on campus? Well, that's a tough one considering this girl is constantly on the go! If you do happen to bump into her, however, you will realize she is one of the most down to earth people you'll meet on this campus. Read more to find out why Bri's motivation and drive inspires us all. 
Her Campus Cal Lutheran: What is your major and how did you choose it?
Bri Bryan: I am currently an undecided major; however, I believe that I may end up as a Business Major, with a focus in marketing / advertising, and a minor in entrepreneurship. I am about to choose my final major after a lot of thought... but who knows if one day I'll change it again?! 
am certain, though, that I want to one day own my own business, and whether that's a company or learning how to manage myself as my own business in the entertainment world, I want that experience and knowledge to be able to be successful in the future
HC: What are you involved with on and off campus? 
BB: On campus, I'm mostly involved with the Theatre program, and outside of campus I have a job fact: I create websites for people on the side. I also sing outside of school - I've recorded a few things which can actually be found on iTunes and Spotify, etc.!!!  I am also working on starting up a YouTube Channel about my life and as a way to display my music and acting endeavors. 
HC: How did you choose Cal Lutheran and what do you love most about it?
BB: I chose Cal Lutheran after realizing how much opportunity I saw I would have available at this school.  I'll admit it has been a little difficult as a first-year student to navigate through all of these different opportunities on campus, however it's funny that at the time of me answering these questions, I've actually started getting involved even more on campus through collaborating with students on music projects and multiple film projects all of a sudden.  That is definitely my favorite thing about Cal Lutheran - the new opportunities I have available to me every day.    
HC: What are you most passionate about? 
BB: I am most passionate about pursuing my dreams.  I have huge aspirations, if i do say so myself. I am a very ambitious person who wants to accomplish so many different things in her life.  For example, I want to be a touring and recording music artist. I want to have a career on TV / in film and commercials. I want to own my own business, most likely an online company.  And I want to be able to perform on Broadway. 
HC: What motivates you?
BB: Mostly surrounding myself with other people who are motivated, determined, ambitious, and accomplish their own goals. 
HC: What's your latest acting experience? 
BB: Currently, I am in Under Fire, a CLU production directed by Michael J. Arndt. I also participated in a huge event over the summer with the 2015 Jimmy Awards which occurred in New York City, at the Minskoff Theatre, on Broadway!  Thanks to my director, Yvette Lawrence-Bishop and all of the support I had from my high school, Chaminade College Preparatory, I was ultimately selected to participate in a weeklong intensive program which included meeting and working with and performing for so many accomplished Broadway and Theatre professionals, culminating with a final performance (which was our Broadway debut). I played the role of Belle for this program because that was the role I played in high school, my Senior year, which qualified for the competition that got me to New York. I can easily say that the role of Belle has led me to so many different experiences, so thus far, it is my number one most favorite role I've ever played. 
HC:What's something nobody knows about you? 
-I'm half Jamaican
-I made my Broadway debut this summer
-I create websites on the side as my own personal job