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Being an English Major at Cal Lu

I originally came to Cal Lutheran because I had heard from more than one person that the English program is amazing. I knew from freshman year of high school that I was going to be an English major, so it was important to me that I found the right college. I’m not 100% sure that Cal Lutheran was the right decision. 

I love Cal Lu, don’t get me wrong. The campus is so pretty and I have made so many friends. I got to be a part of Her Campus and I have even gained an executive position within the club. But the program I was promised that was amazing has been less than satisfying.

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Out of all the professors that I’ve had for my English program, I’ve had maybe four good ones. That makes at least ten professors that were lacking and that I feel like I’ve been cheated out of a good education.

Dr. Rasmussen, Dr. Wee, and Dr. Lyons, and Professor Atkinson have taught me by far the most and have helped me on my way. I left all of their classes with a sense of accomplishment. Because even though I struggled, I ended up with great grades and new knowledge of my major and of what I want to do in life. However, with many of my literature and language classes, I haven’t left like that. I feel like there is something that I’m missing. 

Instead of reading the classics, I’ve read things that I have never even heard of. Instead of learning how to make my writing better, I was expected to already know everything, and instead of being told how to apply grammar rules in more serious situations, I was told to read to book and then apply it, without any instruction at all. If I wanted to teach myself, then I wouldn’t be paying the school the amount of money that I am for an education.

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However, I have learned how to strengthen my creative writing. I have come so far in my work with fiction and poetry, the two most important genres to me. These classes helped me realize that I hope to go on to get my Master’s in creative writing and to pursue it within my future career. 

Cal Lu definitely hasn’t been what I had hoped for it to be. I count my blessings every day though for the things that I have learned, the people that I’ve met, and all of the opportunities I’ve been given. While not everything has been perfect, I don’t think I would change a thing because it has made me a better student and shown me that I can rise to face any challenge that comes my way.