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Welcome back Regals! As we kick off our new school year, I noticed that it has been quite difficult for me to get back into the rhythm of in person classes. Luckily, I have noticed some tips that have helped me adjust to this new year. 

  • MY AGENDA has been my best friend! 

It has been hard to keep track of a day’s worth of tasks to complete since I also have to take into account my time spent running around campus. It was easier for me to do all the meetings at home on my bed. That is why I write down everything, including homework assignments, what days I am going to the gym, club meetings, and important due dates. 

  • Getting my backpack ready the night before: 

For me, each class requires different supplies, such as different textbooks, folders, notebooks, and other handouts. Before, I just had to get out of bed, reach over and grab what I needed for my zoom class. Now, getting everything ready at night relieves my stress in the morning because I do not have to rush around and grab everything in a hurry. 

  • SLEEP!

Being back in person has left me drained at the end of the day! I know this might seem impossible but I have been trying to make sure I am getting at least seven hours of sleep each night. It isn’t impossible if we spread out our day (this is where your agenda will help out). Take care of yourself, and really aim to get a good night’s sleep. 

Well there you have it Regals, my tips that have helped me this new semester. I hope one of these helps you out too, and I wish you all the best possible semester! Xoxo

My name is Wendy and I am a Sociology and Spanish major at California Lutheran University. I have lived in Ventura County all my life, making me a huge fan of the beach. I love to read on my down time, spend time with friends and workout. My love for writing began during quarantine where I found it to be a great way to express myself! I hope you enjoy my articles!
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