Back to School: Friends Edition

Coming back to school for fall semester can feel like an onslaught of emotions: joy for reuniting with friends, sleepiness from once again having a schedule, and most of all, you’ll just be left shouting, “We were on a break!” Here’s what it looks like to return to Cal Lutheran, Friends edition. 

1. When you arrive on move-in day and have to choose who gets the smaller room, the bunk bed, or less closet space:


2. When you find out there’s free food during orientation week and Bring-It-Back Bash:


3. When you discover how big this year's freshman class is:


4. When you’re a senior, off of a meal plan, away from home for the first time, or just getting back into the routine from summer:


5. When you realize you need money: 


6. When you get into the classes you needed:


7. When professors ask you to share your future plans on the first day of class:


8. When they assign homework on the first day:


9. When you have an 8 a.m.:


10. When practically everyone leaves for Labor Day weekend:


11. When you go to Ullman Commons and it’s the same food all over again: 


12. And, of course, when you are reunited with friends.