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Back to the Future

New prototypes for future tech that not even Marty Mcfly could have imagined! We always lose time going through Facebook watching random videos. Every once in a while we find a cool one of some revolutionary technology or idea. Here are some of my personal, favorite, and new technologies that have been popping up here and there!

1. Grant Imahara and Allen Pan Build Super Hero Technology: essentially, these pretty awesome electrical engineers who spend their free time building cool gadgets are going head to head to build two iconic weapons from the comic world’s current most talked about heroes: Captain American and Iron Man. They both spend time using 3-D printers, lasers, drones, control software, transmitters and a bunch of cables to create these devices to see who’s invention works best!

Tech Behind It: http://bit.ly/1VNsMCQ

2. 360 Videos and Filming (Google’s Story HELP): to enjoy this story all you have to do next is click and drag around the screen. Yup, it’s a total 360 degrees experience and people today are using it in the news, films and much more. Google’s story HELP just shows how incredible of a tool this is. Letting one experience the scene as if they were there and getting every angle of it. You might be wondering exactly how this works, well in real life there is a sphere of cameras picking up every different angle. A completely new way to love your cinema or live stream experience. 

3. Magic Leap’s “A New Morning”: the following video shows exactly as Magic Leap explains it to be, “no special effects created for this video”. Meaning all you see is as you would if you were there! We’ve made a huge leap into the future now that we have real holographic technology. Just thinking about how this would have affected people a decade or two ago certainly puts humanity’s intelligence into perspective. A new way of looking at augmented reality and most of it has been kept secret (for a good reason, as anyone would love to have this Iron Man tech). The theory is that it uses holographic depicted into the room from one server that is placed on the roof and displays the interactive screens. 

4. Sony’s New Recording Contact Lenses: ever thought, “boy I wish I could have this memory with me forever!” Well now you can, kind of. These new smart video lenses use contact eye lens prototypes that are coated with technology that uses auto focus from your blinking and light exposure to adjust its settings. Creepy but cool, just like when cameras where invented and they seemed to capture an image onto a thing you could hold on to forever, now these lenses can record experiences you can hold on to forever as well. They use electroluminescence display to playback the captured images. This could serve for many uses even those that witness a crime could now have concrete evidence of what happened. 

5. Google’s Tilt Brush for 3-D Painting: the new world of virtual reality and gaming, with things such my beloved oculus rift, one can interact with this other world by putting on a pair of fancy headsets. The room you are in is your world and it can catch up on your movements if you’re wearing a new head piece as well as using your “brush” tools that you would normally create art with. As an artist myself, I know that this is an exciting gift that Google has given us, with a world in front of me to mold to my liking all my dreams can come to life that much quicker. If you already have the tools necessary, all you need to do is go ahead to your Steam account, download the Tilt Brush experience and get creative. 

Enjoy the coming years because there will be more of where this magic came from! 

Gif Courtesy of Tumblr

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