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7 Struggles In A Traditional Asian Household

If you’re like me, your parents are modernized and assimilated, but still have traditional values.

And it’s hard to be part of a generation of millennials when you not only have different viewpoints you’re trying (and trying so so so hard) to communicate to them, but also cultural boundaries to cross.

Here are 7 struggles of this very problem:

1) They still don’t want you to go out with boys even though you’re in college already.

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2) They want you to dress conservatively and have to check what you’re wearing before you leave.

And explaining that you simply have confidence and ownership of your body only results in slut shaming.

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3) They’re devout Catholics/Buddhists and there’s gridlock considering the fact that you’re not all that religious. 

Which is only further proved by the relics and photographs that make up a shrine in that one little spot in your house.

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4) Good grades don’t merit fun.

Because they grew up with a childhood and adulthood where hard work and studying was the only way to get to America, they don’t understand your desire for “fun” during your “free time” when you’re “not studying.”

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5) Being outspoken is not something that is expected.

Protests, responding to injustice, and criticizing outdated ideals is seen as disrespectful and rocking the boat, as Asian women are expected to be docile and quiet.


6) Money is still their biggest desire for you.

Of course they want you to be successful and financially stable, but their idea of success is income.

After all the hard work they put in coming to this country, they don’t want to see you struggle the way they did, and so they expect you to go into a line of work that’s been proven to make money.

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7) You care about politics, government, education, and social issues… but that could mean less than nothing to them.

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Communication is difficult when you’re not even on the same page, but nonetheless, you love your parents. You want to talk to them, inform them, and you’re constantly trying to get into meaningful dialogue with them to share what your experience growing up is like.

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Note: This article is the perspective and opinion of the author and does not reflect the views of Her Campus Cal Lutheran or Her Campus Media. Thank you!

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