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6 reasons to vote on November 6th

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1. For those who can’t 

There are millions of undocumented people, such as DREAMers, who have been living in the United States for most of their lives, but because of their legal status have no say in policies that affect their lives. Other groups of people that have no say in policies they are affected by are minors, and certain people with criminal records.  

2. There won’t ever be any change if you don’t speak up 

It’s not a secret that there are tons of policies that have been extremely unpopular among Americans, such as the Muslim ban, the repeal of net neutrality, sex offenders being voted into office… the list goes on. In order to prevent this from happening to our country again, we need to vote the right politicians into office and vote for policies we completely back up.  

3. Who better than you to voice what’s important to you? 

People will speak out on what’s important for them, you can’t rely on others to stand up for what you believe in.   

4. Something needs to be done to ensure that the generations to come have adequate living conditions 

With climate change getting worse by the minute, action needs to be taken to protect our planet, and what better way to do this than by ensuring that the politicians representing us have the same ideals as us?

5. It’s selfish not to 

Not voting for the right representative is one less vote they have against unfit representatives. Not voting at all is one less vote for policies that benefit millions of people.  

6. To stand in solidarity with those more directly affected by bad policies

This includes teachers, we are not all teachers but not voting for the rights of teachers affects them and the entire education system.  


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