5 Ways to Start the Semester Right

With a new semester having just begun most college students have the best intentions in mind for the new school year and find ourselves repeating these phrases: "this semester I'll get organized" "this semester I will not procrastinate" "this semester I will make new friends" and "this semester I will eat healthy."

However, despite our best intentions it's easy to get swept up in the hectic life we live as college students and our goals of completing every assignment before the night before it's due are thrown to the side. 

So how do we get on the track to start the semester off right and eventually complete these lofty goals?


1. Get (and use) a Planner

As college students we have a lot going on: classes, homework, clubs, sports, friends, work, volunteering, family, and more. How do you keep it all straight without driving yourself insane? A planner is the key to organizing a busy schedule.

There are planners for every type of personality - a simple $3 one from CVS will do the trick but a more expensive $50 one from Paper Source or likewise provides enough space for those of us with more to keep track of. Looking for a creative outlet while you're at it? A bullet journal might be more up your alley.

No matter which kind of planner you get, make sure to use it regularly. Plan out your week; enter in all of your classes, any appointments, big projects due, study sessions, date nights, sports practices, club meetings, and anything else you can think of. When a professor assigns a project or reading assignment in class enter it in in your planner - then you'll be able to stay on top of your school work and also save the day when a classmate texts you panicking about a project and you can remind them that it's actually due next week.


2. Join a New Club

As cheesy as it is at no other time in your life will you live within 1 mile of the majority of the people you know (or right down the hall from your best friends) - take advantage of that! Each semester CLU holds an involvement fair where every club/student organization on campus gathers on The Spine and tables to convince you to join their team. Take some time to walk around and check out some new clubs. It's during chapel hour so you don't have any excuse!

Make it an aim to join one or two clubs every semester... it's a great way to meet new people.

By the way, interested in joining Her Campus? Come to our Interest Meeting on September 7th at 7pm in the Kingsmen Room or learn more/apply here!


3. Utilize the Syllabus

Besides glancing over it on Blackboard before school starts or zoning out while you're professor talks about it for an entire class period... have you really utilized your syllabus?

Your class syllabus (syllabi?) are an incredibly useful tool for your success as a student. Organize when you can complete your assignments by adding due dates into your planner, reference your professor's office hours to get on their good side, and start to mentally plan who you want in your group for that group project you see coming up on the schedule. A syllabus has your entire semester outlined before your eyes.


4. Meal Prep

If you live off campus or in Grace, Trinity, Mogen, or Kramer you have the luxury of not having to have a meal plan and having access to a kitchen. Complete your goal of eating healthier and saving money (and time) this year by meal prepping!

There are hundreds if not thousands of wonderful and delicious meal prep recipes out there on the internet (hello, Pinterest!) to use to your advantage. By prepping your meals ahead of time you don't have to worry about what you're going to eat on a busy day and you can save a little money.


5. Introduce Yourself to Your Professors

While CLU is a very small school and all of our professors get to know us eventually, the first week of classes is a prime time to introduce yourself and make a good first impression. Show up a few minutes early or stay a few minutes after class and thank your professor for all the hard work they do, and get to know them a bit!

They will appreciate you taking the step to introduce yourself professionally and might give you a little leeway the next time you show up late with your Starbucks from Tapingo.


Have a great school year, Kingsmen and Regals!