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5 Reasons to Watch Andi Mack on Disney Channel

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

You might feel a little too old to watch Disney Channel, but you should check out the network’s new series called Andi Mack. The series stars a 13 year-old Asian-American girl named Andi who finds out that her sister, Bex, is actually her biological mother. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to out this show!

1. Its creators have a full resume of writing YA sitcoms and movies such as Lizzie McGuire.

Both shows have the same creator: Terri Minsky. Minsky co-created this show with Michelle Manning who worked on classic teen 80’s flicks such as The Breakfast Club.2. The characters break the Asian-American woman stereotype in the media.

Usually Asian-American young women shown in media have long black hair and are quiet. Andi is an artsy, quirky girl with a pixie cut who has a colorful wardrobe. Bex is an outgoing, free-spirited woman who tries to become a mom to Andi.3. Diverse supporting characters.

Andi’s friends, Cyrus and Buffy are amazing. Buffy, is a black girl who is outspoken and isn’t afraid to give Andi a voice of reason. Cyrus is a gay, Jewish boy, who crushes on Andi’s crush Jonah Beck.

4. The Comedic timing

The comedic lines are placed in appropriate times during the show. Especially when Andi calls out Jonah Beck’s girlfriend Amber about her misusage of the term ‘Amber alert’.

5. No Laugh Tracks!

The laugh tracks in a lot of the Disney Channel shows take away the serious themes that are tucked in for viewers to learn. It gets really annoying at times to hear them. I’m glad this show doesn’t have any laugh tracks.

In all, Andi Mack is the show I needed when I was younger. It’s always amazing to see Asian-American women that are portrayed differently in the media.


Check out Andi Mack airing on Disney Channel April 7th. You can check out the first episode on YouTube here.

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