3-D Printing Master Dominic Barriere

Name: Dominic Barriere

Year: Junior Class of ‘17

Major: Multimedia (Emphasis in 3D Animation and Visual effects)

Pursuing: 3D Animation in Live Action Film

Hometown: American Canyon, CA

When I made my way to enjoy my first Festival of Scholars at CLU, I had no idea I was going to meet someone I wanted to interview. I always notice people that interest me, but until I became an interviewer did I start thinking, ‘Now I can find out more about the cool things these interesting people do.’

Dominic was one of those people that caught my attention. I entered the Multimedia room as Dominic was entertaining the small gathering of students and teachers with the 3-D printer. As he explained what he was doing, he gave away aspects of his personality: chill, smart and quick. With my knack of getting way to excited about nerdy new tech, I knew I wanted to interview him.

During the interview, his tranquil personality gave way to the conversation. He sat across from me and explained that most of his intentions when searching for colleges, was simply finding one that had both swimming and his nerdy major, Multimedia. Even though it sounds like a simple enough list of qualities to tackle, it’s usually either sports focus or tech focus for most schools.

“My dad made sure I was a nerd, from the start. He bought me a computer when I was really young, two or four, and I grew up in that technological atmosphere. I’ve always liked movies and the effects in them.”

Officially a retired swimmer, Dominic had started swimming since he was five. He was very versatile about all his talents as he was growing up, going from sports to tech and everything in between, and has more to offer than meets the eye. He learned to play guitar and violin and is now only getting better at his 3-D animation skills. Dominic knew that CLU had animation when he started and that’s what brought him in.

“It’s cool to be able to create your own world and what you envision.”

We talked a lot more about his aspirations and how his experience at CLU, so far in these three years, has helped him achieve them. He told me that he feels that the small class sizes is one of the best things about being a student at CalLu. Working his way up to the start of his senior year, Dominic feels like the faculty knows what they’re doing and he can tell that they’re always around to offer help. Not to mention how nice the campus looked.

In his third year, Dominic really got into the programs dealing with animation. It has been a year of hard work and dedication and for him, it was all about what he wanted to do. He has been learning and practicing his skills in his animation classes, on top of working two jobs. Next year will be his senior year and he will be able to show off the ‘big guns.’ His favorite class that he has taken so far, however, is not what you would imagine. He loved his Cold War America class with Dr. Reaeves because he learned a ridiculous amount of stuff, even though it was really hard.

Another thing you might not know about Dominic is that he was part of a special anti-cheating group on campus called the President's Council of Honor and Integrity. The whole mantra of the group is to promote academic honesty and not cheating. It’s been around for a little while, and Dominic became part of it through a video he made to promote their message that is basically, as he describes it, “we’re all in this together, you don’t have to cheat.”

Her Campus Cal Lutheran: What is your favorite spot on campus?

Dominic Barriere: Besides the Multimedia room (because there’s nice speakers and some of my friends DJ back there), I like going to kingsmen park and the pool to chill every now and then.

HCCLU: Three main hobbies of yours?

DB: Video games, hanging out with my girlfriend and swimming. I also like going places, when I have time. Have small adventures and finding haunted houses.

HCCLU: Top movies/games?

DB: Cloverfield as my top movie and Homeworld as my top game.

HCCLU: Fun fact about being an Animation & Visual Effects major:

DB: I’m one of the only 3-D animation students at CLU that has that title in their multimedia major. (Dominic might be one of the first ones that has dedicated his emphasis to the character animation world). I would like to use a motion capture studio as well, but the one on campus is more for the Exercise Science department.

HCCLU: What gadgets, brands, programs, or equipment are you fond of?

DB: Motion Capture Studio, Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop and the school’s Makerbot Replicator (3-D Printer).

“I can’t really see myself doing anything else. 3-D animation has always been something I’ve been interested in. I like being able to create something from my mind and then having it in an environment where I can have it move. In a 2-D setting you can do that, but it’s not as genuine. 3-D feels more real, it’s actually existing in some place.”