10 Ways to Unplug

Even when I clearly want to be off my phone, a text will come in from my mother, and the next minute I’m caught in the depths of Tumblr. No one can deny we actually need to have consistent access to technology as students – here, you can’t just put away the laptop, the phone, and whatever else for a few days. The only solution is to set limits. 

1) Pass the Phone to a Friend: One way to keep your phone from yourself, whether you’re needing to study or simply put it down for a while, is to simply give it to a friend who won’t give it back until stuff gets done.


2) Take a Walk, and Leave the Stuff Behind: Snapchatting and posting on Instagram can often be a distraction from experiences and the people we are with. 

3) Delete Social Media Apps: If you find yourself obsessing over something too much, delete it for a while!

4) Push Play and Leave it Running: Changing music is an easy way to get distracted. Instead, make a playlist you like and go with it.

5) Take a Stream-of-Consciousness Writing Break: It's a good way to just let it out. 

6) Easier Task: When you get bored studying, do an easier task, and don’t pick up the phone.


7) Work on School Computers: Getting distracted on a personal laptop happens much more quickly. 

8) Listen to Classical Music: This is known to enchance focus and academic performance. 

9) Try Things other than Netflix: Maybe draw, read a book, or do whatever you like that involves putting the tech down. 

10) Establish Phone-Free Time with Friends: Real memories are not captured in pictures and posts, but a life well lived.