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10 Signs Senioritis Has Hit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

Senioritis: a chronic laziness towards the completion of an education journey.

Symptoms include: Laziness, fatigue, lack of motivation, no desire to move, an excessive amount of yoga pants, staying in bed


Has senioritis infected you? Here’s the 10 signs that you’ve got the bug.


1. Any assignment that requires actual thought becomes the most difficult thing you’ve ever done.

2. Your body holds you in bed longer making you late to some of your responsibilites.

3. When you leave completing big assignments until the night before they’re due and it gets a little overwhelming.

4. When you realize you’ve spent hours laying on the couch and your roommate finds you in the same position you were in earlier. 

5. When doing nothing is a cause of celebration.

6. When you become an outfit repeater because you are literally too lazy to pick out a new outfit.

7. When you could care less whether or not your paper makes sense you just start typing your thoughts. 

8. When your motivation level has reached -80,000

9. No desire to put effort into how you look. 

10. When you have to set your alarm super loud because you know you will try your best to ignore it and stay in bed.



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Andrea Whisler

Cal Lutheran

I am currently a Senior at California Lutheran University and my major is Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and my minor is Communications. I have a passion for all writing, sports, puppies, and food.
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