What To Wear To Spring Formal

Formal is this Friday! Do you feel like Cinderella not knowing what to wear to the ball? No worries! You will be looking glam walking into the mansion and having an amazing time before the clock strikes midnight. Take a look at these tips!

Wear what you have: You may feel like you have nothing to wear (a girl’s  everyday struggle) but there are bound to be cute mini dresses and cocktail dresses you only wore out once to your friend’s sister’s wedding or that one dress you got on sale that’s hanging in your closet, waiting for a night out.  

If you are not Paris Hilton, you can wear the same dress more than once. It’s ok. It makes sense to get more use out of your dresses, very college budget chic. Swap dresses with your roomies too for some more options!

To make it new again, add a sparkly statement necklace or a belt. You can check out accessories from Forever 21, JCPenney and of course, Primark.

You can also splurge (a little) on a new pair of heels or fancy flats. Stop by Payless for some enviable, strappy options.

If you really want a brand new dress (half the fun is going dress shopping) keep it simple. You don’t need to pay the price of a prom dress for formal. Something that goes with your personality that is comfortable and short (not gown length) is perfect.

You can’t go wrong with a classic, little black dress.

It is spring formal, so take advantage and wear ethereal pastels and bright spring colors. Find out what colors will look amazing with your skin tone and eye color for ideas before shopping this week.

After finding an outfit you can’t wait to wear, try out different colors of makeup to make you feel like a Hollywood star. If you are into bold matte lips, go for it! Want a more natural, beachy look? Don’t try to change, wear what you are most comfortable with.

Now you are ready for the formal and your Cinderella night, enjoy!