Top 10 Ways To Survive Winter If You Hate the Cold

1. Lotion

The cold, dry wind and freezing temperatures can be torture on the skin. In order to avoid having your skin crack it is best to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Keep a small bottle in your backpack handy.

2. Layers

Dressing warmly means wearing multiple layer of clothing, but do not limit yourself to a shirt under a sweater. Scarves, beanies and leg warmers add cute touches to any outfit. Gloves are also a great investment.

3. Fur Boots

Brands like UGG and Bear Paws are lined with thick fur that keeps your feet warm and dry while walking through the snow.

4. Fleece Leggings

Leggings are a girl’s best friend, but the ordinary ones don't really seem to cut it when it comes to harsh winter conditions. Investing in a pair of leggings lined with fleece will allow you to stay comfy while keeping you warm.

5. Chapstick

Just like your skin, the cold weather dries out your lips. Licking them is the worst thing you can do because it will only make your lips more dry and more cracked. Apply a layer of lip balm right before bed to ensure you do not wake up with dried blood on your mouth. Also carry around lip balm with you.

6. Hot Drinks

Tea and cocoa are quick ways to warm yourself up from the inside out while also helping you relax after a long day of studying or making snow angels.

7. Soup

If you do not feel like leaving your room to venture out to the dining hall for food, then soup is your new friend this winter. It has a long shelf life and can be cooked in the microwave. It makes the perfect quick dinner on a cold winter’s night.

8. Wash Your Hands Often

Winter is prime time for colds and the flu to go around. Keeping your hands clean and limiting the amount of times you touch your face will help prevent you from getting sick.

9. Invest In A Warm Winter Coat

This is a no brainer for the winter. A thick peacoat or a puffy down coat will keep you protected from the harsh cold.

10. Live On Campus At Cabrini

Cabrini College keeps their dorms at a toasty 90 degrees, making you feel like it’s still July.

If all else fails, buy a plane ticket to Florida and return in April.