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Time To Spring Out of Winter Clothes

Spring comes around at a little different time each year. Sometimes, snow is still piled up while the sun tries to peek through. Other years, we’re sweating in February.

So how can anyone know when it’s time to ditch the winter jacket and break out the suntan lotion?

Well, spring is right around the corner now and students are already starting to show off their legs and lay in the campus hammock.

As the warm weather (hopefully) continues, it’s essential to know how to stay trendy, whether you’re headed to class, going on a run or laying out on the Commons.

Sophomore Anna Laquintano likes to be comfortable but still cute when heading off to class in the warmer weather.

“Spring clothing would probably be V-necks, cardigans, capris or rolled-up jeans with Vans,” Laquintano said. “I mean if I really want to get dressy I’ll do a dress or something really cute.”

Other students prefer comfort to fashion. “Since it’s really hot I like athletic shorts and t-shirts,” sophomore Emily Janny said. “I’m the type of girl that loves to wear her sports clothing. I know it’s time to start wearing shorts when I’m in leggings and I’m way too hot.”

No matter what type of clothing students are choosing to wear, they walk around campus with smiles and seem to have more confidence with the sun beating down on them.

Even guys like to stay in style on the warmer days. Chris Fonte, a sophomore, tends to dress on the more preppy side once it’s hot enough to ditch the sweatpants.

“Some nice khaki shorts, maybe with a little design on them and a nice plain t-shirt works and, of course, you have to top it all off with flip flops,” Fonte said. “When it gets to about 60 degrees I usually whip out the flip flops and throw some shorts on.”

Cecelia is a sophomore Digital Communications and Social Media major at Cabrini College in Radnor, PA. In her free time between classes, she is the post production manager for LOQation, staff writer for Loquitur, radio co-host for WYBF, Student Government Senator, Alpha Lambda Delta president, and working three jobs. Cecelia loves the beach, movies, and Taco Bell. Her ultimate dream job would be to produce movies for Disney. For more info/ to see Cecelia's other work, go to: http://ceceliaheckman.wordpress.com
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