Se’Quia Bailey Begins Law School and Wins Miss Liberty Bell

Se'Quia Bailey has stolen the spotlight as an amazing singer in the theater productions and chorus performances at Cabrini. After graduating last spring with a degree in both criminology and communication, Bailey started law school and decided to run in the Miss Pennsylvania competition. Bailey was crowned Miss Liberty Bell.

“I think the world views this as something demeaning but there are all shapes, sizes and backgrounds who participate in these competitions and they are all equally beautiful,” Bailey said. “Despite what people think it’s not about having the best abs or the best tan, or even the most unique talent. It’s about whether or not you have invested time in your platform, can you be a role model for others and can you make a difference.”

Bailey’s spiritual background and intellect that was developed through working hard in two departments on campus fueled her wish to make a difference. Her platform focuses on the young generation and how they must connect with each other and society.

“With my new title I really hope to serve with my platform Leadership begins with YOUth. There is such a need in our community for our leaders to pour into the younger generation.”

She hopes to make a difference, as she noticed how children of all ages interact with each other, or the lack of communication. She noticed that they spent more time scrolling through Facebook or talking about shoes instead of having meaningful conversations with each other.

“I also believe that we really need to invest our time in showing our youth that they do not have to become a product of their society. It shouldn't matter how much money they have or don't have, they should reach for their goals no matter how seemingly impossible because all things are possible if you believe!”

Bailey spoke about her inspiring platform in style, wearing an incredible gown. How did she pick the perfect dress out of a sea of different colors, fabrics and rhinestones?

“My evening gown, that took me a while to select because I was looking for a specific style and color but the gown I selected was a black Betsy and Adam lace dress with iridescent jewels all over. It just fit me like a glove and I knew it was the gown that I wanted.”

Winning Miss Liberty Bell is a milestone in Bailey’s life and mean much more than the sparkling tiara and gorgeous evening gown.

“It means a whole lot to be crowned Miss Liberty Bell. It feels great to know that young people, boys and girls, are looking up to you. It means adults respect you and what you stand for. It also means serving with a little extra push because people are counting on you.”

Bailey is ready to make her mark on the world and is excited for the connections she has formed through meeting wonderful people in the pageant.  

“I have met so many amazing people in this organization and I can see them as life-long friends and cheerleaders in whatever I do in life. Relationships are so big and important to me and that is the biggest gain personally is gaining these friendships and changing lives.”

Speaking of connections, Bailey will always think of Cabrini as a home away from home with bright memories and mentors. Bailey enjoyed her time as part of the cast in the theater, the women's basketball team manager, student ambassador and a member of the chorus and chorale.

Bailey had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem and Alma Mater at graduations. “It almost brings tears to my eyes thinking of everything again.”

Bailey understands that working towards graduation is a challenge and dedicated many sleepless nights to her capstone projects in both majors.

“It allowed me to bond with my peers in a way that I hadn't before and I gained so much respect and love for them because of it.”

As a successful graduate, her advice for current seniors represents her optimistic and hardworking attitude.

“Push until the very end. No matter how much sleep you lose it is so worth it in the end,” she said. “Your extraordinary work comes when you place your tassel on the other side of your cap and it is your obligation to such a wonderful institution to do well in whatever you do. My advice would be it’s not how you start but where you finish.”

Campus Involvement: Women's Basketball Manager, Student Ambassador, Chorus/chorale, Loquitur Lifestyles Editor, Classroom Coach for sociology

Fun Fact: I literally fall every day but walk flawlessly in heels! Strange I know!

Favorite Things to Do in Her Free Time: Hanging out in Penn’s Landing, singing covers on YouTube, knitting and crocheting, being outdoors bike riding or going swimming, playing volleyball and jumping Double Dutch

Favorite Spot on Campus: The COM Wing. That's where EVERYONE who knew me knew where to find me. It had gotten so bad I moved my Keurig in there for maybe the last three months of school.