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No Breaks for Student Athlete Emily Crouse

Sophomore women’s lacrosse player Emily Crouse works hard and plays hard throughout the school year.

Off the field, Crouse is an active digital communication and social media major as the lifestyles anchor for LOQation News and the assistant social media editor for Loquitur.

On the field, she is an attacker and midfielder for Cabrini’s lacrosse team and this year is earning her position as a starting player.

“I have practice about two hours a day Monday through Friday and before our season starts we have off Saturday and Sunday but then once our season actually starts we have a game every Saturday,” Crouse said.

Though many students get a relaxing week off to catch up on sleep and long-term projects over spring break, Crouse and other student athletes take the week to work on their sport instead.

Cabrini’s women’s lacrosse team takes each spring break to travel to Florida in order to continue their training in some better weather for the week. Though in the Florida heat, it is not all tanning and sitting poolside for these girls.

“We get there Saturday and then we have running that we have to do, then on Sunday starts our double sessions.”

Each morning, the team wakes up by 7 a.m. in order to get to the field on time for practice. They practice three hours in the mornings and two in the afternoons.

“I feel like I have no spring break because this is not a break at all. It is so tiring,” Crouse said. “I don’t have school work to do but on top of that I have work that I could be doing so I’m bringing my laptop and in between our sessions we do homework.”

Crouse is dedicated to her sport and looks forward to another great season with the team she loves.

Cecelia is a sophomore Digital Communications and Social Media major at Cabrini College in Radnor, PA. In her free time between classes, she is the post production manager for LOQation, staff writer for Loquitur, radio co-host for WYBF, Student Government Senator, Alpha Lambda Delta president, and working three jobs. Cecelia loves the beach, movies, and Taco Bell. Her ultimate dream job would be to produce movies for Disney. For more info/ to see Cecelia's other work, go to: http://ceceliaheckman.wordpress.com
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