Megan Decker: Star Athlete Becomes Teacher and Basketball Coach

Alumna Megan Decker is now following her passions as a mentor for the next generation, teaching first grade at the elementary school that she attended, as well as coaching high school basketball. As an elementary education and special education major at Cabrini, Decker balanced a hectic schedule with the agility of a trained athlete, making time for not one but two sports during the winter and spring seasons. Decker represented the Lady Cavs as both a basketball and a lacrosse player, proudly wearing the blue and white and winning tournaments for both sports.

The Colonial Sports Athletic Conference named her the NCAA Woman of the Year, based on her skills on the court as well as her outstanding academics and service to the community. Decker also represented Cabrini as a student ambassador and received the Mother Ursula Award upon graduation last year. Decker also was involved in Relay For Life, which raises money for cancer research and hosts a memorable fundraising event each spring.  Talk about a busy and rewarding senior year!

Decker admits she does miss her time at Cabrini and the transition after graduation was a little difficult at first.

“The transition from Cabrini has been hard. Moving home, leaving all of my friends and trying to figure out this real world thing on my own hasn't been the easiest. But every day I learn more about how to adjust so it's getting better.”

Yet, Decker is doing an amazing job, following all that she has learned both in the classroom and on the court and giving back as she is now a teacher and a coach in her own right.

As for seniors who are counting down (or possibly avoiding) the topic of graduation in less than two months, Decker encourages them to really enjoy every moment.

“My advice for current Cabrini students now would be to live in the moment and enjoy it. I would go back to Cabrini in a heartbeat. I always think about how Cabrini College made me a better person through my experiences and through the people I met. Don't wish anything away because you can't get college back. Four years is all you have to make the most of college!”