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Love Your Self(ie)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cabrini chapter.

Are you the proud owner of a selfie stick, selfie app or even a selfie light? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Selfies are becoming more and more popular. Celebrities are doing it, teens are doing it, young kids are doing it. It can be seen in pretty much any generation.

But how do people really feel about selfies? Is it vain to take pictures of yourself just to post online—because, let’s be honest, is it really a selfie if you didn’t post it?  Or, are selfies cool and the new best way to take a picture?

“I take selfies all the time,” senior Ariel Melendez said. “I take them because I want to capture fun times so my selfies are usually more funny.”

Some people take selfies far more seriously, even going to extreme lengths to capture the perfect angle or background. Selfies like this, and just selfies that were completely odd and out of context, led to the 2014 #SelfieOlympics outbreak that I’m sure many of you remember.

“I think selfies are funny, but if people take them too seriously it’s hard to pull them off without looking weird,” junior Drew Vernon said. “It can be annoying to see too many from the same person.”

Sophomore Emily Crouse is all about taking selfies. She said, “I think selfies make people have a confident demeanor.”

Though she used to take selfies much more often than she does now, she still likes to take them on days when she likes the way she looks. “If I look good, I don’t want to forget that day,” Crouse said.

Crouse, Melendez and many others are not alone in the selfie-taking lifestyle. Selfies aren’t unacceptable, they just need to be taken or posted in moderation. A selfie a day does not keep the doctor away.

As Crouse said, “I realized no one could care more than me.” So feel free to take selfies, especially if it’s a confidence booster.

Cecelia is a sophomore Digital Communications and Social Media major at Cabrini College in Radnor, PA. In her free time between classes, she is the post production manager for LOQation, staff writer for Loquitur, radio co-host for WYBF, Student Government Senator, Alpha Lambda Delta president, and working three jobs. Cecelia loves the beach, movies, and Taco Bell. Her ultimate dream job would be to produce movies for Disney. For more info/ to see Cecelia's other work, go to: http://ceceliaheckman.wordpress.com
Erica is a senior at Cabrini College, majoring in communication with a minor in Spanish and is a Campus Correspondent of Her Campus' Cabrini chapter. She loves writing and hopes to make a career of it one day. Despite being a commuter, you can most often find her in her second home: the newsroom. In her free time, you can find her catching up on the latest episode of "Pretty Little Liars" or "The Bachelor," writing about trending and entertainment topics, as well as obsessing over the latest news from Imagine Dragons.