Local Places To Go Enjoy the Winter Season

Unless you are fortunate enough to take a luxury vacation in the Swiss Alps to enjoy the majestic snow-covered landscapes or sail away to tropical, warm Caribbean breezes, winter can be dull. Here are places you must enjoy while the season lasts, local to the area--no passport required!

When the snow, real or fake, starts falling down, it is time to visit a ski lodge. The Poconos offer many options including Camelback Mountain Resort and Jack Frost Ski Resort. Plan a trip with family and friends and enjoy the day skiing and snowboarding down the slopes. If you aren’t into recreating the Olympics, a day spent snow tubing is just as exhilarating and fun!

If you're not an adventure-seeker, find a cozy spot in the lodge, curl up with a cup of decadent hot chocolate, the book you have been meaning to read since the fall and Netflix for instant entertainment.

Another option for all of those who thought they could recreate Ice Princess, but were really clutching onto the side rails for dear life, why not enjoy a day in the city at the Blue Cross RiverRink?  

If you don't want to go too far, take a walk through Wayne. Stop by Dunkin Donuts, Wawa or Starbucks for something warm and take pictures of all of the sparkly, snowy scenery.

If you want to keep things even more local, why not hang out in your dorm and make your own “staycation”? Have a marathon of all of your chick flicks, curl up in your favorite yoga pants and piles of blankets while enjoying the view from your window. Embrace the cold by enjoying your favorite ice cream, without having to go outside.