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Lauren Hight: Living the Dream at Q102

On any given day, Lauren Hight would leave her dorm room early and not come back until late at night. She is the kind of girl who stayed at the gym to work out after dance practice, filmed and edited videos for the school’s news show LOQation and planned events for CAP Board—without complaining and with a disposition as sunny as her yellow backpack.

Now, Hight is living her dream job as a promotions assistant and board operator at iHeartRadio.

Growing up, Hight loved listening to Q102. “[It] was always my favorite radio station so it was pretty surreal when I landed an internship with them and later a job!”

Through her internship and job experience at the station, Hight has had many star-struck moments. As to who some of the standout celebrities are, Hight admits meeting one of the most successful boy bands was an incredible day.  

Hight is pictured in the front row.

“The Backstreet Boys were the first big artist I got to work with as an intern and I mean, everyone knows who the Backstreet Boys are! They were super cool and the memory I have with them is working in my supervisor’s office and then all of the sudden Nick Carter walks in and starts playing my supervisor’s guitar while we are sitting there!”

For all of you who can’t contain your excitement that she saw Nick Carter in person and who are secretly singing “I Want It That Way” in your head (or belting it out, no judgement), it gets better. Hight also had the chance to meet “Should’ve Been Us” pop powerhouse Tori Kelly.

“I pinpointed her as an upcoming talent to watch and was really hype when I learned she would be coming into the studio. She was so so sweet when I got the chance to talk to her after her performance and it’s crazy that her career has since taken off and now she’s nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist!”

As a member of the promotions team, Hight is the one with the glamorous job of working Jingle Ball and Radio 104.5 concerts, taking videos of all of the pumped up concert-goers and bands. Hight also operates the control board for the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Sounds like an amazing job, right?

Hight also had an exciting gig with the Eagles as a member of the post-graduation program. “I was a primary chyron graphics operator for all coach and player press conferences and occasional camera operator/floor manager for the full-length shows that aired on philadelphiaeagles.com.”

As an experienced video producer and editor during her time at Cabrini, Hight proved her skills and produced her own segment for the Eagles, Stats Only, for Eagles 360.

Having such incredible experiences working with the Eagles and famous singers does not happen overnight. Working hard and achieving her dreams is something that Hight has always strived for. As a transfer student from Newman University, Hight came to Cabrini as a sophomore.

During her first advising appointment with the communication department chair, Dr. Jerry Zurek, she received advice that has guided her through college and her career.

“I remember sitting down with Dr. Zurek and one of the first things he said was, ‘Say yes to everything.’ This phrase is what really drove me to become as involved as I did at Cabrini and led me to the vast amount of opportunities that I got to explore.”

Hight followed through with the advice, saying yes to many opportunities, producing impressive leadership credentials that can make you tired just reading through them.

“Sure, I was busy and tired from classes and extracurriculars, but I learned that you never know what is out there unless you give something new a try. You’ll never maximize your experiences if you don’t step outside of your comfort zone.”

Hight developed her leadership style in the various roles, proving to be an approachable, friendly, humble and confident leader in all she did.

“What I hope I am remembered for most at Cabrini is the dedication that I put forth into everything I did and for leaving a lasting impression on what I was able to accomplish. I did a lot during my three years at Cabrini and put my heart and soul into every last step. From small details to the big picture, I always worked for the future and hoped that I would be able to leave a trustworthy blueprint for whoever would follow in my footsteps.”

While Hight has many memories of Cabrini—winning the Miss Cabrini pageant after wowing the audience, dancing to Beyoncé’s “Grown Woman” or winning the communication department award for excellence in leadership and academics—Hight’s favorite memory is visiting Niagara Falls during a conference with CAP Board.

“CAP Board packed up two vans and we drove six hours to this three-day conference that was filled with great event ideas, endless creativity and bonding with my fellow board mates. After it was all over, we took one last hurrah trip to Niagara Falls. We all gathered on a boat and got to see the Falls from a brand new perspective and it was a breathtaking experience.”

Hight still keeps in touch with her Cabrini family, visiting the school to see friends or speak with students about her job. She recently went on a trip with some of her best friends to Disney World. Hight is also excited to embark on an immersion trip to Guatemala during spring break with current students and fellow alumni.

Looking back on her experiences, Hight hopes that all of her hard work and great memories have left a lasting impact.

“I loved everything that I was able to contribute to the school and hope that it brought some kind of meaning to those it crosses paths with.”

Lauren’s campus leadership positions:

Executive Producer – LOQation, Multimedia Editor – Loquitur, Technology & Social Media Chair, Director of Special Events – CAP Board, President – Cavalier Dance Company, SEARCH Retreat Leader – Campus Ministry, Orientation Leader, Miss Cabrini 2015, Classroom Coach – Multimedia Story Creation (1 semester), LEADStrong Graduate, Art Director – ServingFoodSolutions.com, Senior Honors Convergence, Video Producer – Dr. Taylor’s Inauguration, On-Air Personality – WYBF

Fun Facts

  • She’s been a dancer since she was 12 years old. She tries to go to open dance classes in the area when she has time!

  • Favorite TV Shows: “Survivor,” “Mythbusters” and “American Ninja Warrior”

  • Enjoys drawing and painting (She was a graphic design minor!)

  • Loves country music/concerts

Jess is a senior communication major and Spanish minor at Cabrini College, a Snow White-like campus in Radnor, Pa. Although she was originally drawn to Cabrini because of the sprawling mansion, she knows Cabrini has much more to offer. She loves to write and was the former Perspectives editor for the school's newspaper, the Loquitur, where she was able to write fun opinion pieces. Jess enjoys being a co-captain for the Cavalier Dance Company and has been dancing since she was 10-years old. Jess cannot live without glitter,lipstick, diet coke and a healthy dose of celebrity gossip. You can catch her rounding up celebrity news and local events each week on Cabrini’s news show, Loqation News. Follow her on Twitter @JessicaParadysz and Instagram: JessicaParadise222.
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