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Workout clothes are great. They’re super useful when it comes to working out, but they can also double as a comfy, everyday outfit. The only problem is that they can easily drill a hole in your wallet. Companies like Fabletics are working to resolve this issue. But is it really worth it?

I tried Fabletics and got an awesome three piece outfit for about $26. Granted, this was during one of their holiday sales while outfits typically start at $49.99. I debated with myself for a few months whether or not to buy from them. Once I saw the price for an entire outfit I felt like it had to be too good to be true.

At first it was great. I received the order in less than a week with free shipping. It fit with no problem whatsoever. Everything was going great. That is until about a month later.

I received an email saying “My Picks are available.” Having absolutely no clue what that meant I clicked on the email, which brought me back to Fabletics’ website. There were around three outfits with the words “My Picks” in a circle on the picture of each outfit. Still not sure what any of this meant, I did the research I should have done before I purchased.

Turns out that when you make a purchase you automatically become a VIP Member, even if you select the option not to in the original checkout like I did. What this means is that you’ll pay $49.99 for every outfit and outfits will be picked for you each month according to your personal style. Sounds great, right?

Well, there’s one other thing about being a member—your card will automatically be charged the $49.99 on the sixth of each month if you don’t select to skip by the fifth. Now this isn’t the worst thing in the world, having to go onto their website to skip each month, but it does end up being a major inconvenience for busy college girls.

So, now the big question on everyone’s mind: is Fabletics really worth it? In my opinion, no. I love the outfit I purchased and it by no means is made cheaply or poorly, but any company that forces me into a membership that I opted out of to begin with is not worth my business.

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