Inside Out

If our insides were our outsides we would all look the same.

Bones, muscles, veins, organs.

The only difference would be our sizes.

No judgement based on race or ethnicity could be passed.

We would all be the same.

Questions would be the only way to spot the differences.

In other words: we would have to get to know each other.

People would have to communicate.

We could break past stereotypes.

No one would automatically be assumed a terrorist, or an illegal immigrant.

You would have to ask questions like: what’s your name?

Where are you from?

What do you like to do for fun?

Where do you work?

Assumptions would be impossible because there would be nothing to assume at first glance.

If we break down our barriers and reservations about different groups, humans would be united as one.

Divisions would be dropped.

Alliances would form.

Peace would form around the world.

Conflict would decrease.

Humans need to unite as one and focus on important global issues such as poverty, homelessness, food insecurity.

If we treated each other the way we would if our insides were our outsides, the world would be a better place.