How Seniors Feel As They Approach Their Last Semester Ever

It’s December already--time to dream of sugarplums, candy cane lanes and sparkly lights. Oh, and a month of break, chocolate cookies and sleeping in late.

For seniors, this glitter-filled, bright holiday season is a little bleak. It means:

The. Last. Semester. At. Cabrini…before bills and real life.

If you are the class of 2016, here’s to you!

When parents/teachers/random people ask if you are a senior and ask what you are doing with your life
Who knows!?

Can you still be a princess? Why is that not a legitimate answer? My dad thinks I’m a princess…Why not set my goals higher and be queen?

When people remind you that the real world is starting soon.

Is this really the last few months to pull my life together/resolve old issues?

You are secretly jealous of underclassmen. They are all so young and full of potential, have super long breaks, time to figure their lives out…

You want to do freshman-junior year over again but would you want to take those exams again? (You know that class)

….. and deal with all the drama? (You know those people)

Everything. Is. Sentimental. Walking past freshman year dorms is full of so many memories and possible bad decisions, it all feels like a Hallmark card now.

Is this the last semester I can act like a college student and it’s acceptable? 

*Starts drinking*
For all the complaining you do, you are going to miss everything about this place.
But we still have one more semester! And one last winter break before it starts!

Even though we thought 2016 would never be here, when the New Year’s Eve ball drops, it’s your year! Cheers to you! You drink that champagne and be fancy.