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Delta Xi Phi Sorority Celebrates Multicultural Awareness at End of the Year Dinner

The Delta Xi Phi sorority hosted an end of the year dinner where members enjoyed delicious multicultural cuisine while reflecting on memories of a successful year. Each member brought their favorite dish based on their ethnic heritage. The celebratory dinner was a way to mark the end of the year and beginning of the summer, as well as an introduction to the new executive board.

“One of our five pillars is multicultural awareness, and we thought for our last meeting it would be fun, cultural and a nice send off to our graduating seniors and a positive start to the summer to have a final dinner with each other, ” Jennarose DiGiacomo, sorority sister, said.

Although the members are dreaming of sandy beaches and suntans with summer quickly approaching, they are excited for the start of the next school year and planning for an amazing welcome week in the fall for the first year of Cabrini University.

“We have five dedicated and committed ladies that are looking forward to what’s ahead. They’ve already started planning for the fall including our exciting recruitment week,” DiGiacomo said.

For current students and those who will be moving into Cabrini University in the fall, the sorority wants Cabrini girls to know what their society is all about. Hint: it isn’t exclusive or catty as it seems in the movies!

“Being a sorority sister isn’t about parties or any of the negative stereotypes, it’s about living your pillars and respecting each other. You have a responsibility to embody the mission of the organization by being an active member of the community, appreciating other cultures and supporting each other,” Veronica Smith, sorority sister, said.

Joining the sorority can be a great outlet for students to meet others and learn about different cultures and ways of life. The sorority can teach members about the importance of community service as the team joins up to support Breast Cancer Awareness amongst other charitable causes. Delta Xi Phi won the Sorority Chapter of the Year in 2014 for its accomplishments.

Still unsure about joining? DiGiacomo joined during her junior year and immediately felt empowered and inspired by the group.

“Everyone has a different story in how Delta Xi Phi has played a role in their lives at Cabrini. It truly has been an extraordinary time for me.  I joined DXP in the fall of my junior year and I fell in love with our five pillars: sisterhood, friendship, multicultural awareness, advancement of women through higher education and community service,” DiGiacomo said.

In addition to the strong connection to the foundations of the sorority, DiGiacomo enjoyed all of the events and friendships that created lifelong memories.

“There was always something new and exciting we as a sisterhood were doing whether that was a spontaneous trip, traveling to visit other chapters, fundraisers including Pie Xi Phi, Meet & Greets…the list goes on! I met some of my best friends in DXP, friendships that will last a lifetime. I am so happy I joined Delta Xi Phi, it truly was an amazing experience!” DiGiacomo said.

Once you are a sister, you are part of Delta Xi Phi forever, which offers a way for alumni to stay involved and grow a support network.

“You are held to a higher standard because you are always representing your sorority, whether you are wearing your letters or not. I also think it’s about being part of something that is never-ending, and there is something magical about that. You are a product of the members before you, and responsible for bringing in new members. Every single member is important in the growth of the chapter,” Smith said.

If you are considering joining Delta Xi Phi, look out for information at the involvement fair, Recruitment Week at the beginning of the fall semester and on Delta Xi Phi’s social media outlets.

“We are a great group of ladies who care deeply about friendship, sisterhood, multicultural awareness, community service and the advancement of women! We are always looking for interested individuals to join our family and live our pillars with us!” Smith said.

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Jess is a senior communication major and Spanish minor at Cabrini College, a Snow White-like campus in Radnor, Pa. Although she was originally drawn to Cabrini because of the sprawling mansion, she knows Cabrini has much more to offer. She loves to write and was the former Perspectives editor for the school's newspaper, the Loquitur, where she was able to write fun opinion pieces. Jess enjoys being a co-captain for the Cavalier Dance Company and has been dancing since she was 10-years old. Jess cannot live without glitter,lipstick, diet coke and a healthy dose of celebrity gossip. You can catch her rounding up celebrity news and local events each week on Cabrini’s news show, Loqation News. Follow her on Twitter @JessicaParadysz and Instagram: JessicaParadise222.
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